Celebrate Autumn with 20 Savory Apple Recipes from the #BlogHealthy Community

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Autumn is here and we’re ready to celebrate with fall flavors all season long! Check out these 20 Delightful Savory Apple Recipes from the HLB Community to add to your meal plan – STAT!

Pear, Apple, and Bacon Salad with Creamy Poppy Seed Dressing from Prevention RD // We ate this salad as an entrée one night for dinner, and I doubled it to take for lunch throughout the week. It was great to assemble everything but the dressing and eat it over the course of several days. The dressing is sweet and creamy but light and the salad is packed with crispy and sweet fruit and savory bacon. The perfect combination!

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Hash with Green Apples from On Tap for Today // If you find yourself with leftovers, I have a feeling this hash would be a real winner on a plate of nachos. 

Squash and Apple Quinoa Salad from Running on Real Food // This vegan butternut squash, apple, kale and quinoa salad is made with just a handful of healthy ingredients and is the perfect dish for late Summer and Fall.

Pork and Apple Burgers from Hungry Healthy Happy // Try something different this burger night with these Pork and Apple Burgers. Lean and moist burgers with a hint of sweetness – they make a nice change from beef burgers. Pair with some homemade sweet potato fries and a salad for burger night with a difference. They are great on the BBQ too!

Healthy Broccoli Apple Salad with Greek Yogurt from Food Faith Fitness // This Healthy Broccoli Apple Salad with Greek Yogurt is an easy, healthy side dish that even kids will like! It’s protein packed and makes great leftovers!

Chicken Apple Breakfast Sausage from My Bizzy Kitchen // I decided to then add shredded apple and I am glad I did.  The spicy chicken was a great compliment to the apple, and I added sugar free pancake syrup to the mix too to make it more “breakfasty.” I am not even sure that’s a word, but I’m going with it.

Loaded Pear Apple Salad from Nutritionist Reviews // Loaded Pear and Apple Salad features sliced honeycrisp apples, pears, roasted pork, cranberries, blue cheese and an easy dijon vinaigrette!

Curried Chick Pea, Green Apple, and Cashew Salad Sandwich from Confessions of a Mother Runner // I mixed in some crunchy cashews to give a nice texture combination and another boost of protein and healthy fats. Sliced green apples gave another tangy taste pop. I love adding some sharp cheddar slices as well but you can keep it vegan by leaving them off. This Curried Chick Pea, Green Apple & Cashew Salad can be made in advance and kept for all week in the fridge for a combo of salads and sandwiches.

Fennel Apple Salad with Walnuts from Zen and Spice // This fennel apple salad is everything you could want in a refreshing salad. Fennel is often forgotten about. It can be found year round in your specialty grocery stores like Sprouts, Central Market or Whole Foods. You simply shave it thinly on a mandolin, and it has a slightly sweet licorice taste that is quite refreshing.

Apple Orchard Salad with Maple Dijon Vinaigrette from Iowa Girl Eats // Apple Orchard Salad with Maple-Dijon Vinaigrette will transport you to the orchard any time of year! Full of apples, cheese, caramelized onions, and granola clusters, it is fresh, flavorful, and fun.

Gouda an Apple Stuffed Turkey Breasts from Healthy Apeture // Impress guests with this Gouda and Apple Stuffed Turkey Breast recipe. Whether it’s a holiday meal or weeknight dinner, the versatile taste of turkey is always a crowd pleaser!

Sweet Potato Apple Pizza from The Almond Eater // A tasty homemade Sweet Potato Apple Pizza that tastes like fall. It’s topped with goat and gruyere cheese, kale and pomegranate seeds, and is a great dinner for a cozy night in. 

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Apples from Cadry’s Kitchen // Roasted Brussels sprouts with apples and caramelized onions makes a delightful autumn side dish or addition to your Thanksgiving table. It’s topped with a smattering of toasted pistachios.

Sweet Apple Kale Slaw from Nutmeg Notebook // This salad is best served the same day it is made. However,we usually have some leftover that we do eat the second day – it’s just a little less crunchy the second the day.

BBQ Chicken Pizza Toast from The Honour System // Here’s a healthy BBQ chicken pizza recipe for you that fits the bill on a busy weeknight, when you are short on time or a lazy weekend, when you just don’t feel like putting in a big effort for dinner.

BBQ Apple Sweet Potato Burgers from Bucket List Tummy // These BBQ Apple Sweet Potato Turkey Sliders are the perfect combination of tasty and nutritious! They are ideal for throwing on the grill, enjoying al fresco, or for entertaining a crowd! 

Homemade Panera Fuji Apple Salad with Chicken from Andie M Mitchell // Consider this a homemade version of the Panera Fuji Apple Salad with Chicken, one of my favorite salads. It’s delicious, it’s healthy, and it’s pretty enough for entertaining. Aside from making my own apple vinaigrette and using fresh apples instead of dried apple chips, the ingredients are identical: a mix of lettuces (romaine, arugula, and radicchio), red onion, crumbled Gorgonzola cheese, roasted chicken breast, and pecans.

Quick Spiralized Apple Kimchi Salad with Beef from Cotter Crunch // This Asian inspired apple salad recipe makes a quick and healthy kimchi substitute. Cucumber and Apple noodles tossed in a spicy kimchi style salad dressing are served with sesame beef. A light nourishing meal that’s ready in 30 minutes. 

Apple Pizza with Caramelized Onions and Crispy Sage in Brown Butter from Clean Eats, Fast Feets // This glorious pizza showcases the vibrancy of apples. It’s easy, flavorful, texturally sound, and a wee bit different, which is a great thing in my book.

Sausage and Toffee Apple Tray Bake from Lipsticky, Lettuce, & Lycra //  This is fabulous comfort food and it gets made on days when we want something delicious, warming and sweetly sticky, and, well, those just aren’t the days when you want to faff about taking elaborate photos of your dinner.

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