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We strongly believe in the power of the Healthy Living Blogs community and are always looking for fresh, exciting ways to promote one another and nurture the relationships between bloggers in our genre. The beauty of the healthy living blog community is that it is diverse; cliché or not, there’s something for everyone. We think you’ll find that HLB is a community worth talking about. - Team HLB

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Monday Announcements

A place for our members to learn what’s going on in the Healthy Living Blogs community and submit their own announcements to share with the group. Along with updates about challenges, link-ups, giveaways, contests, and all the jazz that is taking place on your blogs, our MA posts consist of updates from Team HLB, too. Visit the site on Mondays to be kept to date on HLB happenings, be pointed towards the recommended reading we’ve recently discovered, and see if you’ve tweeted your way onto our weekly list of “Tweets We Loved Last Week!”

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Announcing: Best Week Ever! [and a Blog Tip Thursday change]

Hello friends! We’re making a few changes up in here. Beginning January 2014, all Blog Tip Thursday posts will be published on the Healthy Living Summit website instead. Know why? ...

Simply 7 Snacks Review

Recently, the folks at Simply 7 Snacks, an all natural, non-GMO, gluten free ingredient company reached out to us about trying their wide variety of healthy alternative chips.  I asked ...

photographing FOOD

Earlier this year, our friend and fellow blogger Taylor asked if we’d want to review his new internet magazine, photographing FOOD. Taylor’s own blog, Taylor Takes a Taste, has always ...

Grabbing Our Attention: Get Your Posts Shared Throughout the HLB Community

This content originally appeared on Then Heather Said. We’re on a mission to share valuable content we find among our members.  It’s something I, personally, have been passionate about for ...