15 Better Breakfasts from the #BlogHealthy Community, Perfect for #BetterBreakfast Month this September

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Today we’re talking better breakfasts in celebration of Better Breakfast Month this September! Here are some of our favorite recipes from around the HLB community to add to your meal plan:

Parfait Breakfast Meal Prep from Savor and Savvy // “This simple parfait breakfast meal prep is an easy and budget-friendly make ahead breakfast to get you through the week.”

Egg and Greens Bowl aka Sauteed Breakfast Salad from Eating Bird Food //  “A simple, delicious breakfast bowl (aka sautéed breakfast salad) with sautéed greens, roasted veggies and two fried eggs! You’ll feel so good after starting your day with this combo of protein, healthy fat and veggies. Low carb, gluten-free and vegetarian.”

Sweet Potato Sheet Pan Breakfast Hash from How Sweet Eats // Sheet pan cooking making breakfast uber-easy and delicious!

Sauteed Greek Veggies with Eggs and Feta from The Lemon Bowl // “Veggies are sautéed in olive oil and seasoned with Greek spices before being topped with creamy feta and a fried egg. The ultimate high protein, low carb breakfast!”

Cheesy Savory Oatmeal Breakfast Bowl from The Almond Eater // “This Cheesy Savory Oatmeal is made with cheddar cheese and topped with brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, a fried egg, and Cholula® Original Hot Sauce for extra flavor. “

Tomato Breakfast Toast from The Almond Eater // “This Tomato Breakfast Toast is topped with a spicy yogurt sauce, eggs, tomatoes and spices for an easy and flavorful breakfast. “

Easy Low Carb Breakfast Casserole with Sausage from Food Faith Fitness //  “This Easy Low Carb Keto Breakfast Casserole with Sausage is loaded with cheese and Italian flavors! A perfect, make-ahead breakfast or brunch that’s gluten free and healthy!”

Italian Egg Bake from Cotter Crunch // “Italian Egg Bake is a delicious low carb breakfast recipe, also perfect for a healthy brunch or breakfast for dinner (brinner). This healthy egg breakfast has cheesy baked eggs, crispy nitrate free pancetta, fresh vegetables and Italian seasonings, all simmered up in a zesty tomato sauce. It’s perfect for back to school meal planning, too.”

Breakfast Nachos from Healthy Nibbles and Bits // “This epic breakfast nachos dish is loaded with black beans, corn, cheese, salsa, fried eggs, avocado, and a spiced yogurt sauce. The best part is that the nachos are ready in just 20 minutes!” 

Butternut Cauliflower Breakfast Power Skillet from Heather’s Dish // “This Butternut Squash and Cauliflower Breakfast Power Skillet is a hearty and nutrition-dense way to start any day! By combining the fiber and nutrients in butternut squash and cauliflower, plus a perfect runny egg and avocado, you’ll have a power skillet that will keep anyone full and feeling great all morning!”

Spring Vegetable Frittata with Breakfast Potatoes from Rosey Rebecca // “Another reason I love frittatas is that you can make one in the beginning of the week and reheat for healthy breakfasts all week long. They don’t take long to make and reheat really well in the microwave. “

Puerto Rican Breakfast Lasagna from Cotter Crunch // “This Puerto Rican Paleo breakfast lasagna is a healthy take on the Latin dish Pastelón. A whole 30 friendly casserole that’s hearty yet still nourishing. Think of it as a flavorful paleo breakfast lasagna and egg casserole combined! It uses fried sweet plantains in place of noodles and can can be made ahead and frozen. A delicious and wholesome sweet and savory combo of ingredients.”

Cheesy Tofu Vegan Breakfast Sandwich from Dianne’s Vegan Kitchen // “You’re guaranteed to have a great day when you start it with these Vegan Breakfast Sandwiches. They’re loaded with lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, and “cheesy” baked tofu, and they’re great option for lunch, too!”

Quinoa, Black Bean, Avocado, and Egg Breakfast Bowl Savoring the Thyme // “You can also feel free to use plain quinoa, swap out the black beans for the bean of your choice, and even toss scrambled eggs on this baby if you prefer over a fried egg.”

BLT Breakfast Bowl from No Thanks to Cake // “My version is egg-less, pumped up with extra veggies, and I prep them a week in advance.  Don’t worry, kale is hearty enough that it doesn’t get soggy at all.  Of note, you can squeeze some lemon/lime on your avocado if you are worried about the cut avocado turning brown.”

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