Monday Announcements 12.1.14

To submit your own announcement for next week’s Monday Announcements post, email with EXACTLY how you’d like the blurb to appear, complete with links, photos and the like, [between 30 and 120 words, please] before 12:00 Noon eastern, this coming Sunday. 2 community 2 community Athena at Fitness & Feta is hosting a fun holiday challenge on her blog called the Holiday Hustle. This challenge is about thriving during the holidays instead of just trying to survive them, community, focusing on how you feel instead of how you look, making connections, kindness, getting out of your comfort zone, and living in the moment. It’s about starting 2015 a little healthier, but more importantly with the right mindset because of positive choices you’ve made for yourself in December. Interested? Check out the details and consider signing up to participate in the fun! 2 community

Do you struggle keeping up with the latest health topics? Do you have a nutrition topic you want to share? Join More Than Just Dessert, Sinful Nutrition, and Diary of a Semi-Health Nut for their monthly Did You Know… link-up! The link-up is hosted the first Friday of every month on each of their blogs to cover and share different nutrition and health-related topics. Come check it out and share your knowledge! 5 reading

Some of us share our favorite recent reads via social media using the Buffer app. Have you signed up, yet?  It’s FREE!! [and if you do decide to sign up, we’d love if you used our referral link to show you heard about Buffer from us at HLB! ]

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