Blog Tip Thursdays: Photography Talk


Every week, we share one of our favorite ‘how-to’ posts about blogging, social media, and the community we LOVE to love. Our desire is you consider HLB a resource in your efforts to blog BETTER – we want to be stronger bloggers ourselves, and we see the desire for stronger posts and cleaner designs. We understand wanting to know the BEST plug-ins, aps, programs, and resources to keep your site in tip top shape. And nothing makes us nerd-out more than getting super meta about all things blog-world. We’re not experts, we’re simply bloggers ourselves – sharing our own experiences, tips and tricks of the trade each Thursday with a BTT post. We welcome your questions, your suggestions for future topics, and your ‘how-to’ post recommendations at!


We’ve had a handful of requests for a BTT post on Photography tips.  Some people asked for general tips, others were looking for a specific tutorial.  We took some time to form a list of our favorite tips in four categories to help lead you in the right direction for answers to your specific questions; Tips for Every Photographer, Food/Product Photography, Point ‘N’ Shoot Usage, Fun with DSLRs.

Also – Please feel free to add links to your own favorite photo tips posts in the comments! We’d love to learn more!


Tips for Every Photographer:

Food/Product Photography

Point & Shoot Tips

Fun with DSLRs

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