#BlogHealthy Community News and Highlights: Monday, June 3

Howdy, friends! Heather here, back again with a dose of news for our Community Announcements series. Not familiar? We share highlights from our members blogs and social media accounts, along with helpful tools and resources the HLB team has discovered to help us all #BlogBetter and #SocialSmarter on the first Monday of each month.

A lot has changed in the way we all internet in the almost 9 years since HLB first began. You may have noticed our site and social accounts changing content strategy as we’ve continue to embrace the shifts we’ve seen in some members who may be blogging less [in a traditional sense] and sharing more often on various social media platforms.

In our minds, a lack of traditional blog does not erase you from the community in which you’re an important part. We continue to be driven by all you are doing to share your services, stories, and selves with your followers and we’ve never stopped our commitment to promote your content, no matter where it is shared.

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HLB Member Michelle Densmore from Lucky 13 Fitness has just announced her new book: Why the Gym Didn’t Work for You: The Missing Link for Fitness Success! From Michelle: In Why The Gym Didn’t Work For You I’ve shared why the typical path fails so many people, and how my “Train the Brain” approach can be the alternative that offers life-long results and success. I break it down so that you have essentially everything you need to know in order to finally break the yo-yo and embark on your unique, transformative experience.

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New Hope Blogger Box from Erica Finds ends 6/3/19
6 Bags of Popcorns Flourish and Flex Chips from Nutritionist Reviews ends 6/5/19
nodpod weighted sleep mask (3 winners) from Erica Finds ends 6/5/19

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Chronically Healing Podcast Episode 22: Being an Advocate for your Hashimoto’s and Hypothyroidism with Rachel Hill // In this episode, Jessie chats with Rachel of The Invisible Hypothyroidism about becoming an advocate for your own health, taking healing into your own hands, and how to be in the working world when you face symptoms like “brain fog.”

Ali on the Run Show Episode 144: Sara & Ryan Hall // Sara and Ryan Hall are one of the best-known couples in the running industry.  On this episode, Sara and Ryan talk candidly about their marriage, what they fight about, and what it’s like being coached by your spouse. Ryan is Sara’s coach, and they were very honest about what it’s like for each of them when Sara doesn’t have a good race or workout. They also talk about adopting their four daughters from Ethiopia, and take a trip down memory lane sharing their love story, from first sushi date to proposal to becoming parents.

The Unbreakable You Podcast Episode #63: Self-Acceptance, Trusting Your Intuition, Becoming a Certified Spiritual Coach, and The Nourished & Free Method // In this solo episode, Meg shares about her recent certification in Spiritual Coaching, how to begin the self-acceptance journey, stories of trusting her intuition and how that’s grown deeper over the years, and all about her brand new course, The Nourished & Free Method.

Best of Both Worlds Episode 94: Lean In or Leaning Out: Thoughts on a recent Facebook rant that went viral // In this episode, Laura & Sarah share their thoughts on the recent viral facebook rant from a working mother with 3 kids, in which she ended with “I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to lean OUT.”  There may be a rant-induced rant in here somewhere!  We also talk about work updates, some minor changes to the podcast, and answer a question from a listener who is a self-described  “Type A perfectionist upholder” and wants to work on lowering her standards. 

The Chasing Joy Podcast: Eating Disorder Recovery and Carving Your Own Empowered Path in Wellness with Engrid Latina // This conversation feels intimate and deep and winding in such a wonderful way. Georgie talks to her dear friend Engrid about her experience with an eating disorder and how she found her way out. They also discuss working in an industry that’s shrouded by diet culture and trying to break the mold by carving out your own path.

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