#BlogHealthy Community News and Highlights: Monday, April 1

Greetings! Heather here, with a fresh take of our Monday Community Announcements series. I am looking forward to sharing highlights from our members blogs and social media accounts, along with helpful tools and resources the HLB team has discovered to help us all #BlogBetter and #SocialSmarter on the first and third Monday of each month.

A lot has changed in the way we all internet in the almost 9 years since HLB first began, but our dedication to celebrating the good work you all are doing on your respective internet spaces has remained steadfast, as we continue to find new ways to promote our HLB Members’ work.

You may have noticed our site and social accounts changing content strategy as we’ve continue to embrace the shifts we’ve seen in some members who may be blogging less [in a traditional sense] and sharing more often on various social media platforms.

In our minds, a lack of traditional blog does not erase you from the community in which you’re an important part. We continue to be driven by all you are doing to share your services, stories, and selves with your followers and we’ve never stopped our commitment to promote your content, no matter where it is shared.

If you have content you’d like help to amplify, I suggest joining our HLB Members Community Group on Facebook. It’s a great place to share your news, happenings and announcements, request recommendations for blogging tools, and submit content to cross promote with fellow members. Plus – it’s just a really fun group of folks!

We are excited to continue nurturing our old blogger friendships and grow new ones and we’d love for you to join the fun.  To request entrance into the group, visit here: HLB Members Community

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Relishments Bakes

One of our favorite blogs on this side of the internet, Relishments, has started her own bakealong to fill the creative void that was left when the King Arthur Flour Bakealong wrapped its tenure. We are PUMPED! You can join along to – well – BAKEalong as Emily brings Relishments Bakes to fruition.

What is Relishments Bakes? It’s a new challenge every month, presented at Relishments with encouragement to make it your own! Learn more and check out ALL the details in Emily’s April announcement post telling us all about our first challenge – Hot Cross Buns!

This is a REALLY cool idea, especially if you’re like me and looking for accountability to try new things in the kitchen! The Amond Eater is hosting a 30 Minute Dinner Recipe Challenge this month, delivering four new weeknight friendly recipes and challenging us to make the recipes ourselves. If you want a chance to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card in exchange for your testing out the delicious dishes from The Almond Eater, post your dish on Instagram and tag with the instructions Erin gives in her post.

Get ready to press SUBSCRIBE; Sara from Cake Over Steak and Laura of Roam + Golightly have launched a podcast! The show is titled Passports & Pizza and it’s “about everything by two carb-loving, carry-on only gals.” Sara and Laura plan to talk about ALL the things, but you can expect a healthy serving of food and travel talk on the regular.

Sara’s announcement post on Cake Over Steak shares that this show will have a similiar feel to some of our faves – Joy the Baker and Forever35! – and notes “If you could describe Forever35 as two Gen X-ers chatting with an overarching theme of self care, then ours has a similar vibe except it’s two Millennials and our overarching theme is food and travel.” Sounds right up our alley – sign us up!

If you are interested in the Ultimate Weight Loss Live 3 day event taking place over Labor Day weekend, HLB Member Tami from Nutmeg Notebook has a $100 off coupon code you don’t want to miss! According to Tami, “If you have ever struggled with losing weight and keeping it off or want to improve your health through a whole food plant based lifestyle this event is for you.” She’s been to the event before and is planning on attending again because she enjoyed it so much!

The event takes place at the Tuscany Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. Visit Nutmeg Notebook to learn more and get the coupon code to save $100!

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This May Be Oversharing Episode 6: Marketing with Heart with Melody Spencer // from the show notes: Today’s guest is Melody Spencer. She is a marketing consultant, Facebook ad expert, podcaster, and entrepreneur. She runs her own digital marketing business called Swiftly Social and hosts a podcast called Biz Babes with Soul, where she interviews amazing female entrepreneurs. Melody also struggles with depression, and we get really real about what that’s like when you’re trying to live and work authentically. T

The Shift Show Episode 229: The Biggest Mistakes You’re Making with SEO + How to Fit with Glenneth Reed of Glenneth.com // from the show notes: In this episode I’m talking to Glenneth Reed, a member of SHIFT U and my Inner Circle group. She’s sharing the biggest mistakes she sees bloggers making with SEO + keyword research. In this episode you’ll hear: When you should do keyword research, if you should niche down with your content, what you’re SEO steps should be, and her biggest tip on how to schedule your week for success.

Wellness Simplified: Stop Worrying About Being WEIRD // from the show notes: We spend so much of our time trying to fit in or seem normal that many of us are drowning our uniqueness in concerns of being thought of as weird. Guess what? All the coolest, most interesting people are the ones who embrace their weird. They know what makes them different and they go with it.

ICYMI: Needy with Mara Glatzel Episode 33: Pleasing Yourself with Carla Birnberg // from the show notes: Carla Birnberg is an author, speaker, purveyor of pleasure products, and self-love ninja. I asked her to join us on Needy for a special Valentine’s Day episode to discuss the many (very sexy) ways we can meet our own need for physical touch and sex without waiting for anyone else to join us. We talk about why our sexual needs go dormant and Carla’s best advice for reconnecting with your own pleasure.

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Spiritual Inspiration on Instagram // Katie mentioned in a recent post that she likes to follow certain social accounts for inspiration in her feed and this account, which shares daily Christian encouragement and text messages from God.

Crispy Roasted Potato Wedges with Squash, Lentils and Goat Cheese from How Sweet Eats is a recent recipe recommendation from Emily at Relishments, and we are going to take her word to heart and add it to our meal plan, too.

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HLB Community Giveaways 04012019

A few current giveaways from around the community:

Hosting a giveaway? Don’t forget to email us with the details so we can add it to next week’s post!

Fit Snack February Box from Erica Finds ends 4/3/19
Hope & Sesame Sampler from Erica Finds ends 4/4/19
Expo West New Finds Prize Packs from Erica Finds ends 4/4/19
OptiShokz Bone-Conduction Sunglasses from Charity Miles ends 4/7/19
FabFitFun Spring Box from Eric Finds ends 4/10/19

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HLB Community Food Prep Recipes

Food Prepped Breakfast for Monday through Friday: Egg Taco Breakfast Muffins from Kroll’s Korner are the answer to adding pizzaz to morning meals all week long.

Food Prepped Lunch for Monday through Friday: This Curried Cauliflower and Chickpea Bake from Cotter Crunch is proof you don’t need to make things complicated when it comes to food prep – 10 minutes of prep, 30 minutes to cook, and only 5 ingredients!

Food Prepped Snack for Monday through Friday: A gluten-free, dairy-free cookie packed with healthy fats seem like a great sweet-tooth satisifying afternoon snack and these Peanut Butter Avocado Cookies from The Lean Green Bean are sure to deliver!

HLB Community Meal Plan Dinners Weeknight Dinners

Monday Dinner: A Meatless Monday meal that claims to take 5 Minutes? YES, PLEASE! [Mondays are hard!] 5 Minute Mexican Caesar Salad from Confessions of a Mother Runner.

Tuesday Dinner: Turn Taco Tuesday on it’s head with a dish perfect for a cool spring evening and with only 30 minutes of cooking time needed, it’s a dish perfect for a weeknight evening, too! Vegan Tortilla Soup from Dietitan Debbie Dishes

Wednesday Dinner: Healthy Honey Garlic Shrimp from Kim’s Cravings is a quick and easy weeknight – ready in 20 minutes! Serve with brown rice and veggies for a sweet and savory dish that hits the spot!

Thursday Dinner: We love a one pan recipe as much as you do, and this Orange Chicken with Crispy Broccoli recipe from Lemons + Zest is a healthy, hearty meal you can fit in on a week day.

Weekend Specials from the HLB Community

Friday Dinner: Crispy Roasted Potato Wedges with Squash, Lentils and Goat Cheese from How Sweet Eats – mentioned as a tried-and-loved by our pal Relishments, above, we’re amped to make this pile-o-yum.

Weekend Brunch: Vegetable Breakfast Pizza from Healthy Delicious is the recipe to count on to make any old weekend feel extra special.

Weekend Dinner: Do date night IN this week with a healthified classic take-out favorite, DIY style, from Eating Bird Food: Easy Healthy Kung Pao Chicken!

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The Art of Copywriting: How to Write Better Captions that Get Engagement from Buffer // An [11-minute!!!] episode of the Buffer Podcast, The Science of Social Media, that will have you writing stronger Instagram captions in an instant. “A really good caption informs us about the things we cannot immediately see and encourages us to look at the image or video more closely.”

blogger typing on laptop with phone and camera nearby

Are you an HLB Member with something to share with the community?
To submit your own announcement for next week’s Monday Announcements post, email healthylivingblogs@gmail.com with EXACTLY how you’d like the blurb to appear, complete with links, photos and the like, [between 30 and 120 words, please] before 5:00 PM eastern, this coming Friday.

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