15 Ways to Think Outside the Cereal Box During Your National Cereal Day Celebrations [March 7]

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Today’s topic is Think Outside the Cereal Box! Here are some of our favorite recipes from around the HLB community to add to your meal plan in celebration of National Cereal Day on March 7:

Flourless Milk and Cereal Pancakes from Sinful Nutrition // “A two for one gluten-free breakfast made with cereal in the batter and a creamy Greek yogurt and almond milk glaze.”

Coconut Chex Macaroons from Healthy Nibbles and Bits // “These delicious macaroons are made with mounds of toasted coconut with crispy Chex cereal and a light chocolate drizzle. Once you pop, the fun definitely doesn’t stop!

Corn Flake Fried Chicken with Honey Mustard Apple Slaw from Andie Mitchell // “Today, I’m revisiting fried chicken with a recipe that packs in a whole lot of flavor, thanks in part to Old Bay! – and creates a perfectly crispy-crunchy coating.

Honey Nut Chex Bars from Kim’s Cravings // “Sticky, sweet, crunchy… Honey Nut Chex Bars are simply irresistible! Made gluten-free and vegan (if you use regular corn Chex), so all can enjoy!

Toasted Marshmallow, Quinoa and Cashew Butter Rice Krispie Treats from How Sweat Eats // “The marshmallows are toasted first. Then stirred into browned butter (I know, like does this even get any better?!), mixed with cashew butter and the whole mess melts into silk. A silky glue that holds together the brown rice krispies, toasted quinoa, cranberries and pepitas.”

Browned Butter Furikake Chex Mix from Healthy Nibbles and Bits // “This furikake chex mix is a mouth-watering, sweet and savory snack that everyone will love. The recipe contains half the amount of fat and sugar compared to traditional furikake chex mix recipes, and it still tastes fantastic. Be warned, it is addictive!”

Hot Chocolate Chex Mix from Peanut Butter Fingers // “Make big batches of this Hot Cocoa Chex Mix to bring to parties, give as gifts or just crunch on as a sweet treat! The process is very versatile, so mix in your favorite candies and cereals and enjoy.”

Cheerio Treats from Fashion Meets Food // “ To jazz up the treats I dipped them into chocolate added a little gold dust. The treats were popular, and a few people even said they preferred them over traditional Rice Krispie treats.

Protein Puppy Chow from Variety by Vashti // “I’m usually more of a savory/salty kinda gal, but sometimes it’s fun to be festive.  The Lucky Charms aren’t healthy, of course, but they definitely make this fun to eat.

Chewy Corn Flake Balls from Peanut Butter and Peppers // “A chewy, crunchy, healthy, no bake cookie made with raisins, almond butter and Corn Flakes.

Ranch & Dill Chex Mix from A Nutritionist Eats // “It’s the salty, savory, crunchy, cereal-meets-snacks SNACK, doused with a flavorful buttery mixture, and baked until crisp. YUM!

DIY Chex Party Mix from RD Delicious Kitchen // Easily customizable to feature favorite ingredients and flavors, this snack mix is a must for any gathering or road trip.

Strawberry Blueberry Rice Krispies Bars with No Churn Cookies Berry Ice Cream from Savory Spin // “Each spoonful of these crunchy and crumbly Berry Rice Krispies Bars with No Churn Cookie Berry Ice Cream is gloriously scrumptious and perfect for warm evening get togethers!”

Night Cereal: Crunchy Ginger-Coconut Lime Chex from Someday I’ll Learn // “As with most of my favorite Thai dishes, lemongrass is the big key here for tons of zesty taste. Slice it fine – really fine – so the flavor infuses every bite.

Gluten-Free Vegan Pumpkin Spice Puppy Chow Muddy Buddies from The Healthy Family and Home // ““Puppy Chow” or “Muddy Buddies” is one of the most addictive treats I make.  I always say I’m going to eat just a handful and then end up eating another and another.  With only 5 ingredients, it’s also one of the most simplest recipes to make too.  You just heat the peanut butter, chocolate chips and pumpkin spice on the stove top for a few minutes, pour it over the cereal then coat it with organic powdered sugar.

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