Dear Healthy Living Blogger,

We like your blog.  And to say we are thrilled that you are a member of HLB would be an understatement.  We think it’s about time you give your blog the publicity it rightly deserves.


We’re happy to announce HLB Member Blog Sponsor Ads!

So you’re asking, “What’s in it for me?

Each Blog Sponsor will have their ad spot in the HLB sidebar (currently 150×150 pixels is the only ad size we’re offering).

Additionally, once a month we’ll do a round up post of each of our Blog Sponsors, highlighting your blog and sing your praises! The great thing about this is that not only will the round up post be viewed by those who are reading from aggregate sites, such as Google Reader, but the support round up you’re featured in will live on forever in the HLB archives.

Finally, we’ll also spread the word about you via our Sponsors page, where we have monthly updates that share information about your snazzy blog!


How much does this Blogger Sponsorship cost?

Currently all Blogger Sponsor ad spots are available for only $10 per month, or $15 for two months, paid in advance. Additionally, you can purchase 6 months for $40 in advance, or a year for $75 in advance.  Everything listed above as a sponsorship perk is what is included for all Blogger Sponsors on a monthly basis. Currently payments can only be accepted through PayPal.

What do we need to get started?

Simply send an email to which includes the following information and we’ll get back to you confirming your advertising spot along with PayPal instructions:

  • Email Subject Line: ADVERTISING
  • Blog Name
  • Blogger visual ad (150 x 150 pixels)
    note: don’t know where to get a visual ad? ask us and we can recommend some uber-talented people to help you, or give you some suggestions on how to make your own!
  • a short write up to be used on the Sponsor page and posts. Examples can be found here.
  • Length of desired advertising commitment
  • contact email address
  • coupon/discount code if you have one

What are you waiting for? There are over 1600 Healthy Living Blog members just waiting to feast their eyes on your Blogger Sponsor Ad! We can’t wait to hear from you!