You blog.  You share your life, your ideas, your thoughts.  Your successes and your less than successes.  You write, for you, but you write for others, too.

At one point or another, we all say we don’t care about the numbers.  But I’ll be the first one to admit then when I receive an email or comment from a brand new reader, I am overjoyed by the fresh eyes.  When I have a spike in hits for one reason or another, I can’t help but share the information with my very best blends who I know would understand.  When I reach a milestone of subscribers, it’s time to celebrate.  Let’s face it: the numbers do matter.

You want more people to read your words?  It’s time to start advertising my friends.



You may already be accustomed with the Blogger Sponsor Advertising available on HLB. [you can learn more about the Blogger Sponsor Advertising here.]  We here at HLB love to provide the avenues to share your site with the world, and the Blogger Sponsor Advertising is just one way to do so.

We’ve been dreaming up news ways to provide our members with extra, affordable opportunities to get their blog names recognized in our awesome community.  We know that for some people, $7-10 a month for advertising isn’t a possibility, but a barter might be!

Today we’re happy to launch the HLB Referral Program!  A way for you to gain ad space by sharing HLB with your readers, and recruiting new members!

Here’s how it works:

  1. You share how great HLB is with your readers and blends. [via blog post, email, conversations, etc.]
  2. When these people sign up to be a Member [by following these instructions], they must tell us that you referred them to HLB.
  3. Once their Membership is processed, we keep track of the referrals you’ve gotten for HLB.
  4. For every 5 people who mention you referred them to HLB, you will receive 1 month of free Blogger Sponsor Advertising on HLB.
  5. The more referrals you get, the more people see your ad, the more page views you receive, the more readers you retain!

If you do create a blog post promoting HLB, be sure to let us know! We’d love to read what you say about us!