Coming soon on Healthy Living Blogs – Reviews and Giveaways! 

We know that reviews of products and services aren’t loved by every community member of HLB.  We understand that some of you rely on the opinions of your blends to make suggestions on new products because they are people you relate to, and whom you’ve come to trust over time.  Some of you may think that giveaways are a waste of time.  Some of you love the simple pleasures that come from winning a giving, you may be the kind of person who does a cartwheel after being given a free cookie at the bakery.  #beentheredonethat

Because of this…

Review and Giveaway posts will run through an R&G page, rather than through the homepage.
If you subscribe to HLB in a feed reader, such as Google Reader, you will be notified of new Reviews and Giveaway content in your normal feed.
If you enjoy HLB by visiting the site directly, you’ll have to visit the R&G page to see new content. It will not automatically appear on our home page.