Chocolate Lovers Unite! 20 Beautiful Brownie Recipes from the #BlogHealthy Community

Welcome back to Recipe Wednesday; another avenue to promote your very best content, this time in the form of your most favorite recipes on your blog. Each Wednesday when you visit HLB you’ll find the theme for the newest recipe round up, and this week we’re all about beautiful brownie recipes!

When it comes to Recipe Wednesdays here at HLB, some weeks our themes read like cookbook chapters, spotlight ingredients or flavors, or simply request the best recipe for a certain situation.

Find an appropriate recipe from your blog archives to fit the theme and add to the collection. Or be inspired to create a new theme-friendly dish worth posting about before next Wednesday. 
Each week we feature 20 fantastic recipes from our HLB Members [learn how to become a Member here: HLB Membership How-To] giving even more exposure to some of the best content you’ve shared from your own kitchen. Let’s get to it, shall we?

If chocolate is your jam, this week’s collection is for you! Check out these 20 Beautiful Brownie Recipes from the HLB Community!

Cherry Cheesecake Swirl Brownies from How Sweet Eats // There are also a bunch of chopped cherries IN the brownies, along with chocolate chunks. It’s the best cherry flavor ever because it’s so REAL – and it’s really darn good with all the dark chocolate. Cherries, chocolate, cheesecake. Makes me so super happy!

Kahlua Cream Cheese Brownies from Lemons and Zest // These Kahlua Cream Cheese Brownies are not your average brownies, but they are also super simple to whip up. Chocolate, cream cheese and coffee goodness in these beautiful cheesecake swirled brownies!

Chocolate Orange No-Bake Brownies from Running on Real Food // These chocolate orange no-bake brownies are easy to make with just 6 healthy ingredients. Simply blend up the dough, press into a brownie pan, cut into squares and enjoy. This recipe is vegan, gluten-free, oil-free and has no added sugar.

Raw Brownies with Cream Cheese Frosting from Veggie Chick // These {Vegan} Raw Brownies w/ Cream Cheese Frosting are super rich, incredibly decadent, and simple to make with no baking required. 

Oooey Gooey Elvis S’more Brownies from Dash of Evans // Get ready for a new brownie obsession: S’mores Brownies with an Elvis twist. The combination of bacon and peanut butter cannot be beat. Trust me!

Paleo Sweet Potato Brownies with Tahini from Food Faith Fitness // These Paleo Sweet Potato Brownies are SO dense, chewy and moist! No one will believe they use sweet potato and are gluten/grain/dairy and refined sugar free!

Salty Pistachio Small Batch Brownies from spabettie // Salty Pistachio Small Batch Brownies – a super quick, easy, and delicious recipe for your air fryer! a craving for a brownie? have one in 20 minutes time!

Fudgy Double Chocolate Zucchini Brownies from Evergreen RD // Break out your baking dishes and round up the last of your summer zucchini bounty! These brownies are packed with all sorts of goodness – low in sugar, a source of fibre, oil free, and vegan. But don’t let that fool you – they are decadent and fudgy, just like a brownie should be. If you don’t want to tell anyone about their secret ingredient, that’s okay with me – I won’t spill the beans…or should I say zucchini?

Dirty Chai Dark Chocolate Flourless Brownies from Cotter Crunch // Dirty Chai Dark Chocolate Flourless Brownies! Decadent fudge brownies that are easy to make with simple ingredients. No flour needed. A dirty chai tea latte is mixed right in the batter then topped with dark chocolate espresso ganache! Rich, chocolaty flourless brownies. Dairy free, gluten free, and paleo friendly!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Avocado Brownies from The Almond Eater // These Chocolate Peanut Butter Avocado Brownies are raw, vegan and made in the food processor, meaning they couldn’t be simpler to whip up and enjoy! 

Gluten-Free Brownies with Pretzels and Nuts from Healthy Nibbles and Bits // Give yourself permission to indulge with this gluten-free brownies recipe. Unlike most brownies, these are sweetened with coconut sugar, so they don’t taste overly sweet. Topped with pretzel bits, cashews and chocolate chips, these gluten-free brownies will certainly please a crowd!

Peanut Butter Hummus Brownies from Eating Bird Food // A fun take on traditional brownies, these flourless peanut butter hummus brownies are gooey, chocolatey and absolutely delicious. No flour or oil needed!

Raspberry and Pistachio Brownies from My Capital Plate // Filled to the absolute brim with dark chocolate, pistachios and raspberries, they were far from “healthy”, but ticked all the boxes when it came to satisfying my sweet tooth. The raspberries added a nice touch of tartness too, meaning the end result was not sickly sweet, while the pistachios gave the slices a little texture.

Butterfingers Coconut Cup Brownies froms Cakes vs. Scales // Okay, can you see that melted coconut chocolate creme? These are flat out ridiculous, rich, dense and laden with chocolate, that’s a description I could use for myself too! 

Black Bean Brownies from Clean Eating Kitchen // These Easy Black Bean Brownies are dairy-free, grain-free and so decadently delicious. Nobody will ever guess they’re healthy, too!

Vegan Fudgy Chocolate Protein Brownies from Hungry Hobby // Want a healthy dessert option or super chocolatey snack? These vegan fudgy chocolate protein brownies are what velvety rich chocolate dreams are made of, and they are top eight free so that everyone can enjoy them!

Easy, Healthy Brownies with Applesauce from Oatmeal with a Fork // Delicious, slightly fudgy brownies made with oat flour, olive oil, maple syrup, and applesauce – made in one bowl!

Lentil Brownies from Tara Rochford Nutrition // Lift your brain fog with these lentil brownies.  Lentils, coffee and cocoa powder are power foods that will help increase your mental clarity!

Protein Powder Brownies from Lynne Petre // Compared to my labor-of-love brownies, these are much cake-ier but are still very moist! I added coconut chips to mine before baking; Alex would have preferred a few more chocolate chips sprinkled throughout but these are plenty sweet with just a few chocolate chips on top. (Says the not-so-sweet-tooth.)

Healthy Avocado Brownies from Sorey Fitness // I know some of you will say that these still aren’t necessarily healthy, but given what my traditional brownies are, these are wonderful as far as healthy goes. The avocado is high in protein and fat which both will help to keep you full. The avocados made the brownies super moist and you can’t taste them really.

Now it’s time for you to add your brownies to the recipe collection!  Find a recipe on your blog that fits this week’s theme and leave a comment with a link to your post below.  We’ll share any posts you share to our social media schedule next week to help #PromoteYourBlog and share your favorite content.

If you don’t have a recipe to fit this week’s theme on your blog, why not make one and share it this week? Let HLB’s Recipe Wednesday series be a pool of inspiration for your recipe creation and post ideas.

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