20 Summertime Cocktails to Sip this Season

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Summer is settling in and here at HLB we’re ready to say CHEERS! to the season with these 20 Summertime Cocktail Recipes from the #BlogHealthy Community!

Meyer Lemon Shandy Sangria from How Sweet Eats // Shandy sangria. Let’s make it a thing. Since we’re already using lemonade soda, it’s probably not a must to use citrusy beer but I think it makes the drink so much better. Also, you don’t NEED to use meyer lemons. We just so happen to be a few days away from the Super Bowl and meyer lemons are in season, but if you come across this sangria in, say, June and want to make a batch to take to the beach, use up some regular old lemons. I’d just taste and adjust the sweetness if needed since the meyers are slightly sweeter.

Cucumber Gin Fizz from The Marvelous Misadventures of a Foodie // I know what you’re thinking – cucumber? In a drink? It sounds strange, but I promise you it is not. Cucumbers bring a bright and refreshing element to this drink, plus they pair perfectly with gin. For this drink it’s important to pick a good quality gin – the cucumber has a subtle flavor that we want to compliment, not smother. A quality gin will have a good botanical flavor profile that will really make the drink.

Peach Martini with Raspberry from Food Faith Fitness // This peach martini has a little raspberry vodka kick and is a lighter, adult drink that is sure to be a hit! Great for summer sipping!

Mango Peach Mule from MJ and Hungryman // I’m serving up this personalized take on a classic cocktail – a mango peach mule. The sweetness of the fruits marries perfectly with the refreshing mint while the ginger beer delivers an invigoratingly spicy kick at the end.

Cranapple Clove Sparkler via a guest post found at Tara Rochford Nutrition // Here’s what’s so great about the CranApple Clove juice that makes up the mixer in this yummy cocktail. First of all, it has lemons, which are an excellent source of vitamins C and B6. Lemons are also a great source of potassium and flavonoids (source). Speaking of flavonoids, did you know that cranberries are rich in flavonoid quercetin, which inhibits the development of some breast and colon cancers (source)? The strawberries in this juice provide antioxidants that are great for improving the immune system (source). And the clove can help to clear up any cold or sinus irritations you might be suffering (source).

Tart Cherry Lime Elixir from Ari’s Menu // This sweet & sour cocktail has all the flavor of a refreshing cherry limeade, spiked with cherry vodka and filled with recovery-boosting 100% tart cherry juice.

Low Calorie Summer Citrus Cocktail from Amee’s Savory Dish // By the way, if you’re not a drinker, this summer citrus cocktail is great as mocktail!  It’s super simple and full of flavor with or without the vodka.  My daughter loves drinking sparkling fruit water out of champagne glasses.  It makes her feel fancy.

Watermelon Frose Cocktail from Sinful Nutrition // A frozen rosé cocktail that is sure to be your new favorite summer cocktail! Made with no refined sugar or juice. Perfect for any summer party!

Whiskey Ginger Twist from Dash of Evans // Looking for a new refreshing whiskey cocktail? Try this Whiskey Ginger Twist using ginger beer, Cinzano Rosso vermouth and a dash of bitters. So refreshing and simple, perfect for your next party!

Sloe Gin Fizz from Lipstick, Lettuce, & Lycra // Adding frozen blueberries will keep your drink cold with out diluting.

Blood Orange Blackberry Margarita from Habits of a Modern Hippie // I’m going to be bold here and come out and say it: I think the margarita is the perfect cocktail. I love margaritas; they’re playful and don’t have to be sweet- instead their fresh citrus flavors speak for themselves, plus when it comes to alcohols we all know that tequila is a party in a bottle. So, when it comes to the drink recipe I reach for when I want to make a big batch of cocktails for a party it’s that one.

Tea + Marmalade Brunch Martini from Healthy Delicious // This cheery tea and marmalade brunch martini will make a great addition to your breakfast table.

Pomegranate Margarita from My Capital Plate // And because I didn’t want to be stuck making individual drinks all evening, I made a big jug in advance and kept it in the fridge until it was time to serve. Tequila is by no means my favourite (thanks, most likely, to overindulging when was 18) but combined with the pomegranate juice and water – the result was a very ‘easy’ cocktail to drink.

Summer Strawberry Mint Fizz Cocktail from Bucket List Tummy // This Summer Strawberry Mint Fizz Cocktail is light, delicious and refreshing. The sweet strawberry is balanced by lime and fresh mint for a bubbly, fruity drink for the summer heat!

Ginger Carrot Juice Cocktail from The Almond Eater // This carrot juice cocktail is super refreshing and made with carrots, ginger, tarragon and your choice of tequila or vodka. 

Skinny Blood Orange Margarita from Kroll’s Korner // You don’t even need margarita mix for these bad boys. They are simply made with fresh blood oranges, naval oranges, lime juice, triple sec and your tequila of choice.

Citrus Kombucha Old Fashioned from Champagne Nutrition // No added sugar – no sugar cube at all in fact. The sweetness comes from a little bit of fresh orange juice and the natural sweetness of kombucha. If you’re unfamiliar with that product, it’s actually fermented tea so it’s slightly effervescent and has a sweet/tangy almost vinegar flavor. I used a ginger citrus version but you can get creative with whatever you find at the store. Best of all: kombucha contains natural probiotics so this cocktail even has some potential health benefits.

Rosewater Bellinis from The April Blake // Make these bellinis any night, or any time of day you want! Bellinis are technically brunch drinks so drink it at 11 a.m., if you want. Be your true self.

Summer Beergarita via a guest post at Running 4 Cupcakes // This beergarita offers you the refreshing “ahhhh” of a cold beer along with the tropical, south-of-the-border fun of a margarita! What’s not to love?

Rosemary Moscow Mules from Simply Playful Fare // This recipe is amazing.  When we first tried it, we left out the bitters.  Don’t make this mistake.  The bitters add a complexity to the drink that’s needed.  It tames the harshness of the rosemary, allowing it to shine through without overpowering the drink. You can get bitters at most grocery stores.  It’s a little expensive (ours was about $8 for a small bottle), but you only use a little bit, so it’s worth it.  We will be adding it to our regular cocktails to up their game.  You should be able to find rosemary at your local grocery store too.  It’s usually with the vegetables.

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