Monday Announcments: 11.19.18

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Grounded Warrior is an awesome fitness program that was designed to make it easier for you to stay active and healthy every single day by providing the workouts you need, when you need them.
No more skipping workouts, no more playing catch up, no more confusion or frustration. With Grounded Warrior you’ll have: consistency, clarity, confidence and focus to stay healthy day in and day out. The videos are short, sweet and sweaty so you can fit them in when and where it’s right for you!
Give it a try today and use the coupon code healthylivingblogs to get 25% off your first month (or a full year). 2 community



Do you have a healthy food blog full of beautiful photos? Are you blog reader on the hunt for healthy recipes to add to your weekly meal plan? Come check out Healthy Aperture. It’s a unique image-based recipe discovery platform and the only site of its kind moderated by registered dietitians. Basically, it’s your one-stop-shop to find and share the best of what’s healthy to eat on the web. Visitors can browse recipes by page or category and clicking on the image will transport them to the submitter’s blog where the full recipe can be found. Visit us to start browsing or check our FAQ page to start submitting! 3 giveaways

A few giveaways from around the community:

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Pssssst: We’d like to bring ’em back to the @HLBlogs IG feed in the New Year: #BlogHealthy #TakeoverTuesday! You can find favorite shares from past takeovers in the highlights of our account and find new HLB Members taking over the account each week to show off how they live the #BlogHealthy life.  If you are interested in running a future takeover, please drop us a line at healthylivingblogs at with “IG Takeover” in the subject line. 5 reading

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