I Can Do This, Too. YOU Can Do This, Too.

I can vividly remember when I first fell in love with Healthy Living Blogs – I had been working in Corporate HR for a huge company in Boston and I hated my job. Seriously, every single day I felt miserable, powerless and frustrated with myself, my life, my career, and my body.  

I don’t remember what actually brought me to the site but I remember that the first article I read on HLB was by a young woman training for a triathlon and I remember being surprised that a “regular person” was competing in such an intense race, and also in awe that she was really doing it. While reading I felt myself silently rooting her on.

From there it was like Alice in Wonderland – down the rabbit hole I went – and I spent the rest of my lunch break glued to my computer reading article after article on HLB.

There were women training for races, recovering from injuries, incorporating wellness techniques into their everyday life, managing dietary restrictions… and of course, there were recipes. So many recipes that sounded equally delicious and healthy.

I just kept scrolling from one article to the next and with each one I could feel my eyes light up, my heart open, and my mind expand – suddenly I was filled with possibility.

Here were normal, ordinary people prioritizing their health and wellness and doing great things. Women – just like me – we’re running marathons and doing triathlons and becoming yoga teachers, and I remember every article made me feel like: I can do this too.

I can prioritize my health and wellness. I can do something that’s good for me.

I went home that day feeling lighter – like a fog had lifted. That night I remember telling my boyfriend at the time (now my husband) about all the articles I had read and what other seemingly normal people were doing.

I told him I wanted to start exercising, for real.

So that weekend I went out and bought a new workout outfit from Marshalls. It was gold and black and made me feel like a badass.

From that point on I kept putting one foot in front of another. I kept reading HLB and started with simple workouts, like walking and stretching in my living room. Soon though I realized I wanted more and decided to join the gym near my office.

It was really scary going to the gym for the first time by myself – it was a space I had never been before, a space where I didn’t know anybody, and to be honest, a space where I felt out of place. But, instead of reversing my steps, I kept thinking back to all of the amazing women that did incredible things and I thought: I can do this too.

That was my mantra. I can do this too. So I pushed past my fears and joined the gym and began going during my lunch breaks.

I didn’t know it at the time but this was a huge turning point for my life. And it may sound crazy to give a blog so much credit, but it’s true….

Healthy Living Blogs, and the hundreds of articles I read helped me realize that anything was possible.

Since then, I have completely changed my life (which is pretty great to say out loud). After a few years I left the career I hated and dove into the fitness industry, first becoming a Spin Teacher and then a Yoga Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer and Reiki Master. And best part, I’m happier and healthier than I’ve ever been.

It’s been a lot of hard work, some tears, and definitely moments of doubt. But every time I hit a road bump I remind myself – I can do this – just like I did 7 years ago.

So, maybe this is your first article on HLB, in which case I am honored. Or maybe you’ve been a fan of HLB for many years, in which case I bet you have your own story you could share.

Either way, I hope you realize that anything is possible, and yes – you can do it too.


from Erin Madore, Erin@GroundedWarrior.com

Erin Madore is the Founder & CEO of Grounded Warrior and loves coffee and burpees! She has been in the fitness and wellness industry for over 5 years and has a diverse background as she is a Registered Yoga Teacher, Certified Personal Trainer, Reiki Master, and Spinning Instructor. Erin is best known for her genuine and upbeat attitude and loves challenging and motivating people to do their very best, to have fun while exercising, and to be proud of their efforts. When she’s not working out or running the biz you can find Erin exploring the Boston area with her husband or relaxing at home in Dorchester with her cats Harry & Sally.

Connect with Erin: www.GroundedWarrior.com & https://www.facebook.com/GroundedWarrior/

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