How to Create an At Home Workout Space

Working out from home?! Some people love it. Other people hate it. Some think they can’t because they don’t have enough room. Other’s like me, find it so convenient (except for when my cats jump on my back while I do push-ups, “thanks Harry for the added weight!” LOL).

Seriously though whether you love it or hate it you can’t deny that working out from home is the easiest and most convenient way to workout, right? I mean, it’s exercising in your home.

In fact, here are 3 benefits to At Home Workouts:

  1. You don’t have to travel to a gym/studio and waste time commuting and parking,
  2. You don’t have to worry about what you look like or your outfit,
  3. You can fit in short and sweaty workouts when/where it’s right for you!
  4. I know I said 3 but… it also means you can shower in your own home right after, all of your stuff is there, you can get on with your day without skipping a beat, etc!

Essentially working out from home can be super helpful when it comes to creating consistency with your workouts and feeling/seeing results!

So now that you’re on board and ready to workout from home here is what you can do to set up an at-home-workout-space!

  1. Equipment

First, I like to note that you do NOT need to buy any equipment to have effective workouts from home. Nothing. BUT if you want to get some equipment here are the 4 things you might want to buy:

  1. 2 or 3 pound Weights
  2. 5 pound Weights
  3. Resistance Bands
  4. Yoga Mat
  5. Yoga Blocks and Strap

     Click here to check out exactly which ones I have in my own home workout space!

Seriously that is it. All of that might cost you $25 and you’ll have it forever! You might also find that you need heavier weights like 8 or 10 pounds as you become stronger, but starting out with 5 pounds is good.

Once you have the few pieces of workout equipment you need, I suggest putting them in a nice basket or tote so that everything stays in one place and is easy to find!

  1. Space

There are two ways to create workout space in your home: 1) temporary, 2) permanent.

If you don’t have a lot of space or share the space with others you might want to create a temporary workout space. That might mean moving your coffee table over so that you have room to exercise in your living room. Some members also exercise in their kitchens where there is lots of room and hardwood floors! Essentially, get creative because all you need is enough room to move your body, for most of us that’s the same space as a yoga mat.

If you can create a permanent workout space you are in luck because that just makes the whole process even smoother and better. What you would want to do is clear a space large enough to fit a yoga mat, lay out your yoga mat, put your tote of equipment in this space, and then decorate the space with inspiring messages and pictures that make you feel motivated and empowered!!

  1. Commit

Finally, while it’s definitely easier and more convenient to workout from home it can also be challenging as there are SO many distractions at home (like your laundry, dishes, work, email, pets, kids, etc). So if you are going to workout from home you need to commit. Commit to making time for yourself and following through.

Some easy ways to help you commit include:

  • Scheduling your workouts in your calendar and treating them like appointments,
  • Setting reminders on your phone to remind you to workout,
  • Getting an accountability buddy (someone to check in with), and
  • Writing down your goals somewhere you can see them everyday so you remember WHY you are committing to exercising and being healthy.

So are you ready to workout from home?! I know I am.

If you are ready but you don’t know what to do for the actual workouts check out Grounded Warrior and sign up for a free 8 day trial by clicking here. We are also offering all Healthy Living Bloggers 30% OFF a Yearly Membership (talk about a great way to commit, right!) – just use the coupon code HLB30 when you sign up!

Grounded Warrior is what I created to help people like you workout from home safely and effectively (because remember, doing thousands of squats isn’t effective or fun).

from Erin Madore,


Erin Madore is the Founder & CEO of Grounded Warrior and loves coffee and burpees! She has been in the fitness and wellness industry for over 5 years and has a diverse background as she is a Registered Yoga Teacher, Certified Personal Trainer, Reiki Master, and Spinning Instructor. Erin is best known for her genuine and upbeat attitude, and loves challenging and motivating people to do their very best, to have fun while exercising, and to be proud of their efforts. When she’s not working out or running the biz you can find Erin exploring the Boston area with her husband or relaxing at home in Dorchester with her cats Harry & Sally.



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