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FridayFeatures3In our weekly Friday Feature, we share a 5-question interview with one of the fantastic members of Take the time to get to know your co-members, pick up tips and tricks, blogging know-how, and recommendations from your fellow bloggers. If you’re an HLB member and haven’t gotten your interview email yet, don’t worry, you will in time! We’re working our way through a list of 2,000+ members’ blogs at random.

What’s your name, blog name, and how did you create your blog title?

My blog name is Organic Runner Mom. Our family owns an organic egg business so the organic lifestyle and organic food is very important to us. Also, I am an avid runner. I run everything from 5K’s to marathons on the road and on trails and also love to race triathlons. Being a mom is my number one most important job and something that I love!

What can a new visitor expect to find from your blog?

Organic Runner Mom is a blog that features articles about my own personal running experiences in training and in racing. This includes stories about trail racing, half marathons and even my four Boston Marathon experiences. I also write a lot about organic food. I love to share recipes and also awesome organic food products. I also do plenty of product reviews that range from running shoes to apparel to electronic gadgets such as watches and wireless headphones. I share stories about my experiences with depression. Another topic that I cover are training tips for runners.

What is one lesson you’ve learned about blogging since you first started your website?

For me I have found a passion for writing through blogging. I have been able to share my passion with my readers and that inspires me to do more in my own life. Blogging can be challenging because there are so many other amazing blogs out there but through reading other blogs I have found motivation and grown in the writing that I do on my site.

What is your favorite site to visit to find motivation in your healthy living journey? 

I love following the blog Run Far Girl. Sarah shares her journeys in running and in life and isn’t afraid to talk about the things that have been challenges for her. She is inspirational in talking about her trail running and mountain running adventures and also in how she shares about how she has overcome an eating disorder.


What is your favorite way to get moving, burn calories and energy, and get your exercise-on?

My favorite way to get moving is to head out for a trail run. I love the endorphin rush that kicks in about 20 minutes in. I also love the challenge of running on a trail and surrounding myself with nature. There is just something so energizing about being in the woods and breathing it all in.

Tell us about your favorite SOMETHING.

I adore Skirt Sports. Skirt Sports is an incredible company founded by the super awesome Nicole DeBoom, triathlete. Skirt Sports makes the most highly functional workout apparel for women of all body shapes and sizes and they encourage every woman to get out and move. Their apparel is highly functional yet also feminine. They are always working to make better products to suit the needs of all types of athletes and women. Once I started running in their Skirts I never looked back and they have the best pockets too and the most wonderful colorful patterns!

Let’s talk traveling: what is your favorite place to visit in your favorite city or town for vacationing?

Recently I had the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica with women’s Quest. We were in Santa Teresa to surf and do yoga and it was amazing. The warm air, the salt water . . . I could have stayed there forever. I found a new love with surfing. There was something very powerful about being in the ocean and riding the waves. Another favorite place is Bend, Oregon because of the endless mountain and trail running opportunities. I could go back there again and again!

If you could live any place for the rest of your life, where would it be?

If I could live anywhere for the rest of my life it would be somewhere on the water. I would love to live on a lake so I could swim whenever I want to. It would also need to be near running trails so that I could escape to the woods whenever I wanted.

Do you ever experience days when you don’t want to make healthy choices? How do you motivate yourself when you really need it?

There are definitely days when all I want to do is relax on the couch and my weakness is a delicious donut but I figure that it is important to allow yourself these days. No one should be too restrictive and life is too short to not indulge every once in awhile.


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