Monday Announcements: 1.1.18

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Happy New Year, #BlogHealthy friends!  To kick off 2018 with a dose of fun, we’ve started a Facebook Community Group for HLB Members

Our HLB forum pages may have been gone for years, but the conversations between HLBers have never stopped.

The discussions continued.
The reaching out for guest posts and group giveaways continued.
The venting over rude commenters and the WORST pitch emails continued. 
The supporting each others’ contests and sponsored opportunities continued.
The sharing of favorite plug-ins, and best resources, and must try social tools continued.
The recommending of ‘shows you’d love,’ sites you’re obessed with and solutions to problems shared about on Twitter continued.
The swapping of virtual coupon codes and snail may tea continued.
The morphing from ‘internet pal’ to real life friend continued.

We are excited to continue nurturing our friendships and growing new ones in this space and we’d love for you to join the fun.  To request entrance into the group, visit here: HLB Members Community 3 giveaways

Relishments is celebrating its 9 year Blogiversary and to celebrate, Emily is gifting one giveaway contestant two of her all time favorite cookbooks: How to Cook Everything Vegetarian: Tthe Completely Revised Tenth Anniversary Edition and The New Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. To keep your warm and hydrated while you get to cooking, the giveaway also includes a tin of Harney and Sons Victorian London Fog Tea!  [kinda perfect for January’s National Hot Tea Month, if you ask us!]  Enter your chance to win by Wednesday, January 3: Celebrate 9 Years of Relishments Giveaway

A few giveaways from around the community:

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Some of us share our favorite recent reads via social media using the Buffer app. Have you signed up, yet? It’s FREE!! [and if you do decide to sign up, we’d love if you used our referral link to show you heard about Buffer from us at HLB! ]

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