How to Get Started Fitness Advice from the #BlogHealthy Community [with 22 Beginner Workouts to Inspire a New Fitness Activity this Winter!]


If you are just beginning [or returning to!] a fitness routine, these posts from the HLB community are a great place to start:

  • Simple Strategies to Get Started with Exercise. This article from Live Fab Life includes a list of benefits sure to inspire you when you are feeling low on the motivation front as well as an incredible amount of practical advice for beginning exercise of any sort.
  • How to Get Started After a Workout Hiatus. If you are returning to your fitness quest, avoiding injury should be a serious priority.  This post from 300 Pounds and Running includes a must read list of three important considerations as you get started.
  • 5 Tips to Get Started with Fitness. The Little Honey Bee delivers simple steps and reminders for getting your fitness routine off the ground on the right foot.
  • Beginners Guide to Getting Fit. We totally agree with Brittany Lesser when she says “Getting “fit” is a very broad topic because fit is different for everyone,” and we dig her video full of specific suggestions to help you start your fitness journey. We especially love her focus on mental health along with the expected discussion on nutrition, strength and cardio programs.

Or maybe you’re a fit friend who have been on the workout train for literal years.  Find inspiration from the January joiners and set an intention to try a new-to-you form of fitness this year.  Our community is FILLED with tutorials, what-you-should-knows, and practical tips to keep your fitness goals fresh and avoid exercise bordem all year long!  We’ve found 22 ways to get your fit on, suggested by your fellow HLB members and tagged on a bonus workout to try for each recommendation.  What new fitness activity are you dedicated to trying this year?


TRX Suspension Trainer

TRX: A Must-Try Workout from Bump & Run Chat // “TRX is a suspension training system that was originally developed for Navy SEAL training…so you know it’s a pretty darn effective training tool!” 

Beginner’s Guide to the TRX (these Core Workouts are Killer) from Healthy Habits Happy Heart // “TRX exercises can look pretty intimidating if you’ve never used the suspension band before so I put together 4 basic core exercises to help you get used to it. These exercises are going to target your entire core which means your upper abs, lower abs, love handles, and your lower back.”

#TryThisWorkout from Peanut Butter Fingers: 2-Circuit TRX Workout

Medicine Balls

Medicine Ball Moves for Beginners from Bendiful Blog // “When starting out choose a lighter weighted ball you can always increase to a heavier ball as you get comfortable with the weight and how to use the equipment.”

25 Must Try Medicine Ball Exercises from Greatist // “When choosing a weight, pick a ball that’s heavy enough to slow the motion (slower than if you weren’t using any weight at all), but not so heavy that control, accuracy, or range of motion take a hit (or the poor guy next to you).”

#TryThisWorkout from Peanut Butter Fingers: Total Body Medicine Ball Workout


12 Sandbag Exercises that Work Twice As Many Muscles in Half the Time from Greatist // “With a sandbag, the center of gravity is always shifting, because the sand moves back and forth, causing your core to engage in a different way than with a stable weight, even when you aren’t doing a core-focused exercise…”

Benefits of Sandbag Training from Iron Core Athletics // “Sandbag training has proven to be an effective workout routine satisfying the requirements of Power lifters, Hardcore Crossfit Athletes, the Road Warrior, the Weekend Warrior, as well as Physical therapists, how can such a versatile, inexpensive tool satisfy the needs of so diverse a group ?”

#TryThisWorkout from I Train Therefore I Eat: Beginner (and Intermediate) Sandbag Workouts

Kettle Bells

Kettle Bell Conditioning from 110 Pounds and Counting // “What I love about kettle bell training is how EFFICIENT it is. If you are short on time but still want to workout, you can get in a pretty kick-ass workout in 30 minutes.”

Top 10 Benefits of Kettlebells from Lifting Revolution via Cotter Crunch // “When you think of strength, you think lifting weights. When you think cardio, you think running/biking/swimming. And when you think flexibility, you think yoga…The ballistic nature of kettlebell training incorporates all forms of fitness.”

#TryThisWorkout from Sarah Fit: Beginner Friendly 10 or 20 Minute Kettle Workout WORKOUT


5 Reasons I Traded the Treadmill for a Pair of Dumbbells! (And You Should Too) from Ms Fit Farmer // “Most things in life aren’t fair- we don’t get to choose where fat gets added on when we gain weight, and we certainly don’t get to choose where it comes off of when we lose! However, weight-training moves the odds a little more in our favor… want bigger biceps? Stronger quads? Tighter glutes?- Then adjust your training to achieve those goals.”

A Beginners Guide to Strength Training at Home from Simple as That Blog // “If you’re just getting started and want to invest in a single set of dumbbells, I recommend choosing a weight you can bicep curl for 12–15 reps and squat for 15–18 reps (your legs will usually be stronger than your arms). This will provide a challenge with room to improve.”

#TryThisWorkout from Physical Kitchness: Garage Total Body Circuit Workout with Dumbells



The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Pilates from Urban Naturale // “Pilates is a whole system of exercises designed to, among other things, boost strength, and improve muscle tone, flexibility, and balance.”

The Nine Pilates Principles and Why They Are Important from Brittany Bendall Fitness // “Just like in yoga, breathing in pilates is so important.  It is the ultimate link in the mind to body connection.  It helps to draw the wandering mind back to the task at hand to help you focus on the present.  It also helps create rhythm in your movements.  And, of course, breathing circulates oxygen throughout your body!  Holding your breath won’t help you feel good or perform the exercise better and breathing will help you relax.”

#TryThisWorkout from Life in Leggings: Pilates Inspired 100 Workout


How to Get Started with Yoga When You are A Beginner from Debbie in Shape // “The reasons why I started to make time for yoga are a mix of not being able to do what I normally do with needing its benefits.”

10 Reasons Why I Practice Yoga from Journey Thru 30 // “I always find it so interesting how yoga impacts people and why they practice. While many of our reasons may overlap and be similar, I also think they vary quite greatly.”

#TryThisWorkout from Yoga by Candace: 30 Minute Vinyasa Video Beginner Friendly


Beginners Guide to Stretching for a Better Body from Healthy Habits Happy Heart // “stretching plays a vital role in our physical abilities. There are even studies that prove its’ influence on our mental health.”

Let’s Talk About Stretch Baby: Stretching Tips from a Personal Trainer from Fine Fit Day // “when you DON’T stretch, your muscles become tight and shorten. Then when you actually want and need your muscles to work for you, they’re weaker. If you’re stretching regularly, you’re helping your muscles and their surrounding fascia become more flexible, and allowing yourself a full range of motion when you’re moving.”

#TryThisWorkout from A Shot of Adrenaline: Stretching Exercises


Why I Fell in Love with Barre from Brittany Bendall Fitness //  “barre workouts are a combination of some of the best modalities in fitness.  It combines ballet (my background!), strength conditioning, yoga, pilates and orthopedic movement for one incredibly amazing workout.”

Why Barre Benefits Runners from Back at Square Zero // “Barre builds lower body strength and also muscular endurance by using extremely focused movements.  These movements are then preformed for high repetitions.”

#TryThisWorkout from A Daily Dose of Fit: 30 Minute Barre Workout You Can Do At Home


Body Weight Resistance Training

Benefits to Body Weight Training from A Girls Guide to Success // “Bodyweight training uses nothing but your own body and can provide even more benefits than using weights…If you think about it, the beleif you need a gym membership or expensive equipment to work out is a marketing myth!  Working out with your own body weight can be just as beneficial and give you the results you are after.”

Body Weight Resistance Program for a Beginner from Your Trainer Paige // “Ideally, my resistance training is the center focus of my training.”

#TryThisWorkout from Body Rebooted: 30 Minute Low-Impact, No-Equipment Workout


So You Want to Crossfit? 12 Tips to Get Started from The Little Honey Bee // “I love CrossFit for two main reasons: the community (it’s pretty fun to workout with so many wonderful people) and that it shifted my mentality to focus on what my body can do (rather than obsess over what it looks like).”

Discovering The Magic of Crossfit from Debbie in Shape // “CrossFit is as competitive as you make it and it’s sure fun!”

#TryThisWorkout from Fitting It All In: CrossFit Style Workout


Plank 101: Why to Plank, How to Plank, and Common Faults from Peanut Butter Runner // “The obvious benefit of doing planks is to strengthen your core but they also strengthen muscles like the trapezius, rhomboids, rotator cuff, delts, pecs, triceps, biceps, quads, gastrocnemius (calf) and more! Do a long hold in a plank and I guarantee you’re going to feel it everywhere!”

Plank Exercises from Exercise and Nutrition Tips // “When it comes to exercises that are beneficial to you, the plank exercise is one of the best. They are an efficient and effective total body exercise that can be done almost anywhere. Also, the plank can have a great impact on your body no matter how fit you are.”

#TryThisWorkout from Fighting for Wellness: Beginner Plank Progressions

Body Pump-ish

Gtting Back to Body Pump from My Healthy Happier Life // “BodyPump is a weight-training group fitness class which was created by Les Mills International, a New Zealand based company whose popular group fitness classes are taught at gyms around the world.  A typical class is 55 minutes long and features 10 different songs. During each song, the workout focuses on a different part of the body.”

Trending: Body Pump: What You Should Know Before Your First Class from Running4Cupcakes on Trendy Trainer // “Don’t worry about your weight selection for at least the first class and don’t be afraid to adjust your weight during the class, if you realize halfway through a track that you have too much or too little weight on your bar, take a quick break and adjust it. Especially important if you have too much weight – form is always better than strength.”

#TryThisWorkout from A Lady Goes West: 20 Minute Body Pump Inspired Full Body Barbell Workout

Strength at the Gym

Everything You Want to Know About the Gym But Were Too Afraid to Ask from Fine Fit Day // “From choosing your weights to trying new equipment, let’s check out some of what you’ll encounter on the gym floor so you can feel super-confident about beginning a strength training routine!”

New to Weight Training? Start Here! from Ascent Health and Fitness // “Muscle soreness is not always an indicator of a great workout .. this can be a sign of overdoing it or over training or using incorrect technique, all of which will slow down the results you want. Refer again to the too much too soon note above.”

#TryThisWorkout from Anne Smiles: Beginner Workout for Strong Legs

Indoor Rowing

4 Benefits of Indoor Rowing Classes from Love Life Surf // “Class definitely kept me engaged and working hard for a full hour. And it was a lot of fun. If you’re thinking about taking a rowing class, here are 4 benefits of an indoor rowing class…”

Rowing Machine Benefits from Exercise and Nutrition Tips // “A workout that includes using the rowing machine, can get you in great shape. It can help you get toned and even add a little bit of muscle. Using the rowing machine can also be great for those not looking to put a bunch of strain on their joints.”

#TryThisWorkout from Peanut Butter Runner: 30 Rep Rowing Workout




Beginner Guide to Winter Running from The Bex Factor // “This year was the year I was determined to continue running throughout the winter…Now that I’ve got a few months of winter running under my feet, I thought I’d share some tips that have helped get me through.”

8 Best Tips for Beginner Runners from Through Heather’s Looking Glass // “Running is a great way to stay in shape or even lose weight if you wish, but a lot of people just don’t know where to start. I have been distance running for eight years, and while not the fastest person ever, I do have some words of wisdom to share for beginners.”

#TryThisWorkout from The Cookie Chrunicles: Easy Run Treadmill Workout


5 Tips for Beginner Indoor Cyclists from Running in Pink // “While now I am super comfortable in the saddle, there was a time I was actually really scared of even setting foot in a studio.  Here’s hoping that these tips will help you get you on a bike in a shorter time than it took me!”

Cycling in a Winter Wonderland: Ditch Walking for Two Wheels This Season from Super Sana // “cycling is lower impact on your joints [than walking] which can otherwise become stiff in the colder weather. It generally builds your cardiovascular fitness more quickly and the speed gives you an adrenaline rush which releases adrenaline and endorphins, boosting your mood. So not only is cycling great for your physical fitness, but it’s good for your mental wellbeing and happiness too!”

#TryThisWorkout from Beets per Minute: Fun Indoor Cycling Workout

Cardio Dance

3 Reasons Why You Need a Cardio Dance Workout from Love Life Surf // “I walked into the class terrified and I walked out convinced that everyone should take a dance-inspired fitness class, regardless of your dance skill. Yes, you’ll get a physical workout but it’s much more.”

5 Things to Consider Before Your First Cardio Dance Class from Brittany Bendall Fitness // “Stepping into your first dance cardio class can be overwhelming and intimidating, but I’ve put together this list to help you navigate your first class.”

#TryThisWorkout from Breathe Deeply and Smile: Dance Cardio Workout Routine


The Benefits of HIIT Training from Sorey Fitness // “A HIIT workout stands for high intesity interval training, and it’s the most effective way to burn fat.”

Benefits of HIIT from Divas Run for Bling // “Unlike some workouts out there, HIIT can be done by literally any level of fitness. There are many different routines that can be done based on ability.”

#TryThisWorkout from Happy Fit Mama: Bodyweight HIIT Tabata


5 Tips to Get Started Swimming from Lauren Runs // “Figure out how you train best. Do you want toys?  If so, my favorites are the fins and kick board.  A pull buoy is helpful as well.  For paddles, pick smaller ones first.  You don’t want to develop a poor swim technique because you’re trying to pull as much water as possible. In a race you won’t have those paddles!”

Five Things I Love About Masters Swimming from Fit and Feminist // “Masters swimming, for those who don’t know, basically consists of organized swim workouts for grown-ups. You are assigned to a lane depending on your ability, and then everyone in your lane does the same workout.”

#TryThisWorkout from Love Life Surf: Beginner Swim Workout

Walking for Fitness

Step by Step: Why Walking is the Perfect Workout from Super Sana // “Let’s face it, could there be an easier exercise than walking? You don’t need any equipment, and you certainly don’t need any kind of special training. With the exception of those suffering from any form of disability that prevents them from walking, it’s the kind of exercise that just about anyone can do.”

Urban Walking for Fun and Fitness from Get Green Be Well // “Walking, whether leisurely strolling or walking at a heart-pumping accelerated pace, is good for your body and emotions. Walking is exercise, and exercise can help you maintain weight, ward off disease and boost your mood. It doesn’t matter where you walk, as long as you get moving.”

#TryThisWorkout from Tina Reale: Incline Walking Interval Workout

Kick Boxing

Kickboxing for Weightloss from Bendiful Blog // “Kickboxing has in recent years become one of my favorite ways to stay in shape. The punches, jabs and uppercuts, they get me. Although I love them, I think they are often intimidating for people. Fear not, I promise kickboxing a perfect way to burn fat with a great cardio workout.”

5 Reasons to Add Kickboxing into Your Life from Confessions of a Mother Runner // “Punching the bag with boxing gloves will tone your arms creating long, lean muscles while building endurance. You’re getting a full body workout, as your core must be engaged to execute the moves. You’re toning your waist and sculpting your lats. The many variations of kicks are toning your legs and butt and providing endless opportunities for interval training.”

#TryThisWorkout from A Shot of Adrenaline: Kickboxing Calisthenics Workout

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