Friday Feature: Everyday Cooking with Mira

FridayFeatures3In our weekly Friday Feature, we share a 5-question interview with one of the fantastic members of Take the time to get to know your co-members, pick up tips and tricks, blogging know-how, and recommendations from your fellow bloggers. If you’re an HLB member and haven’t gotten your interview email yet, don’t worry, you will in time! We’re working our way through a list of 2,000+ members’ blogs at random.

1. What’s your name, blog name, and how did you create your blog title?

My blog title is Everyday Cooking with Mira.

Few years ago, I was dealing with postnatal depression and different health issues. I was also leaving in a new country away from my family. I felt lost and lonely. That’s when I decided to make some online friends and write a blog. I knew I was passionate about cooking so I decided to write about what I cooked Everyday

2. What is your tagline and why?

My tagline is ‘Homely Nutritious and Delicious Food prepared on a Budget! Because I believe in homely food creates memories for the kids or grown ups. They will always remember the baking smell, the colour of the food or the taste they ate during their childhood.

Nutritious because Food is what feeds our cells and gives up energy to function better. Delicious because I love Food and I do not like it boring. Eating delicious Food makes it easier to resist the temptation to reach the chipper chips.

3. How would you describe your blogging style?

I am a Health Food Blogger with the focus on feeding the family. I use everyday ingredients that is affordable yet nutritious. My style is everyday stuff, real eating, real lifestyle. My blog speaks about my minimalist lifestyle.

4. What are some of your favorite blogging tools?

I like lightroom and photoshop. It made such a difference to my pictures. I also like Edamam and Yum Recipe snippets.

5. What daily health to-do is easiest for you to complete? Which is the one you struggle with every single day?

I find it easier to make some fresh vegetable juice first thing in the morning. I love how nutritious and refreshing vegetable juices can be.

I just cannot remember taking supplements. And I hate the taste of Fish oil so much that weeks goes by without me taking a drop.

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