The 3 Components You Need When Creating a Total Body Workout Program

By: Erin Madore

I remember years ago constantly writing and re-writing my workout program. I remember reading dozens of articles and yet never knowing for sure what I should do. I remember worrying about my diet and constantly being confused about what was good for me and what I should avoid (eggs? avocados? wheat?!). Essentially before I became a professional in the fitness industry, I was ALWAYS confused, overwhelmed and frustrated.

After taking many courses, studying for many hours and becoming a NASM certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor and Reiki Master I’ve come to realize that being healthy, feeling good and looking good isn’t complicated. In fact, it can be easy and fun!

So here are the main components EVERYONE (including you) need to include in your workout program:


Your body wants to move! It feels better when you’re active and enjoys moving in many different ways. That’s why I always cringe when people tell me that their workout program is mainly focused around walking or running. Or doing anything repeatedly without any variation.

Instead, the simple way to change this up and help you move and feel better is to provide your body with variety!

The best equation for a workout program is a balance of: strength, cardio and yoga. It’s crucial to have each of these areas represented in your workout schedule.

Let’s take my schedule as an example, this week I:

  • Took 1 yoga class
  • Went for 2 runs
  • Took 1 strength training class
  • Did my own combo of strength training and yoga at home
  • Plus there were some bonus times where I went for a walk to help clear my head and move my body!

That’s five days of exercising and lots of variety! All it takes is a little awareness and forethought and you can provide your body with enough variety that it feels challenged in many different ways and therefore strong and flexible.

In fact, here is a link to a short yoga sequence ( that is great to do at home on your own! It’s a sneak peak of what my new company, Grounded Warrior, is going to provide starting in September (read more below!).


A lot of people admit to me that they rarely check in with themselves on how they’re feeling and what their workout program is doing for them. So they end up doing things that aren’t necessarily beneficial to their body, their lifestyle or their goals. For example, one of my new clients told me that he’s been a “life long runner” but has been having knee pain for the last year. When I asked what he did to help the pain he said “nothing and just pushed past it” (yup, that’s what he said). So the first thing I said was that clearly his body was not happy with his constant running (remember what we talked about before? Variety!) and he needed to listen to the signs, honor his body’s needs and create a plan that was right for him in this moment.

It’s important crucial to be mindful of your body, energy level and mindset – every single day. When we ignore how we are feeling that’s when we can get hurt. So instead of mindlessly moving forward, take a moment every day to make sure that your workout plan is going to help you feel better. Because that’s what it’s all about. Feeling damn good!

Another example – if it’s Monday, and it’s raining, and you really don’t want to go for a run because you’re tired and tight, rather than going for a run (even though that’s what you planned) go to a yoga class instead and then run TUESDAY.

YOUR body is YOUR responsibility – and that’s a good thing! Empower yourself to make the right decisions for your body.

So, take a moment right now to check in with your:

  • Body – how are your: ankles, knees, legs, hips, back, shoulders, neck?
  • Energy level – are you feeling: low, medium, high?
  • Mindset – how are you really? Stressed, angry, overwhelmed, excited, anxious, alert, content, clear-headed, happy?

And then use this information to create a workout program that is right for you!! Afterwards, remember to check in with how you’re feeling throughout the week so that you can choose activities that will help you feel good.


Finally, to get the most out of your workout program and to look good and feel good you need to challenge yourself. Most of your workouts should be hard. They shouldn’t be a simple stroll through the park (those are great for stress relief and rest days). Workouts are called that because you’re working (cue the Britney Spear’s song, work B*&ch!).

Going forward, every time you exercise, ask yourself: is this hard? Am I really working? Am I challenging myself? If the answer is no, take it up a notch!

I hope all of this helps clarify the mystery of staying healthy! Because as you can see, it’s not that complicated. So next time you feel the need to search “how to lose weight”, or “how to be healthy”, or “how to build strength” or anything else – refer back to this article and re-evaluate what you’ve been doing and come up with a clear plan to move forward!

And if you do want support, motivation and tools to help you stay active and healthy every single day – check out my new company, Grounded Warrior and become a Founding Member through our KickStarter! I created this company to provide people with all of the things we just talked about PLUS MORE. So if any of this resonates with you (and I hope it did), check out my KickStarter, sign up and then share it with your friends and family.

Because I honestly believe if we are all healthier we’ll all be happier too!
For more information, visit Grounded Warrior online and check out the Grounded Warrior Facebook Group.

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Erin Madore is the Founder and CEO of Grounded Warrior – an online fitness and wellness platform dedicated to providing the motivation, accountability and support someone needs to stay healthy on a daily basis. She started the company after many years in the business world and the fitness industry and loves inspiring people to live healthier lives. Erin’s diverse background includes Registered Yoga Teacher through South Boston Yoga, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Reiki Master, and Spinning Instructor.

Her many passions and skills provide her with inspiration and knowledge to create thoughtful and intelligently designed workouts, classes and workshops. Erin is best known for her genuine and upbeat attitude, and loves challenging and motivating people to do their very best, to have fun while exercising, and to be proud of their efforts.

When she’s not at the gym you can find Erin exploring the Boston area with her husband, Josh or relaxing at home in Dorchester with her kittens Harry and Sally.


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