Friday Feature: My View From Here

FridayFeatures3In our weekly Friday Feature, we share a 5-question interview with one of the fantastic members of Take the time to get to know your co-members, pick up tips and tricks, blogging know-how, and recommendations from your fellow bloggers. If you’re an HLB member and haven’t gotten your interview email yet, don’t worry, you will in time! We’re working our way through a list of 2,000+ members’ blogs at random.

1. What’s your name, blog name, and how did you create your blog title?

My name is Kenzie from My View From Here. I chose my blog name because it relates to my love for hiking and how I share everything from my perspective. I share anything from my view from the top of the mountain, to my view on what the best cookie ingredient is.

2. How would you describe your blogging style?

I would describe my blogging style as real. I always share a realistic approach to health and fitness. I share what I am doing at the moment and what is working for me. I try and relate to what I would want to read on a blog and go from there. There are always bumps in the road when it comes to living a balanced and healthy lifestyle and it helps to have some tips and tricks to get you back on track!

3. What are some of your favorite blogging tools?

I love Canva! It is super easy to navigate and use to make awesome photos and images.

4. What daily health to-do is easiest for you to complete and which is the one you struggle with every single day?

Sleep is easy for me to complete each day 😉 I have a rule where I cannot sit down and relax after work without getting my workout in, if i do then my workout simply will just not happen. I struggle with eating enough vegetables during the day! But with new recipes i’m getting better.

5. What’s one goal you’re working towards right now?

Right now I am working on becoming the healthiest I can be from the inside & out, as well as building my business in Health and Fitness.

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