Blog Tip Thursday: The Top 5 Apps for Branding Your Blog

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This week’s post is from Kaila, who writes at Healthy Helper Blog.


It’s done. Finally.

My redesign that is. I know I said it a few weeks back, but to be honest, I wasn’t in love. Now? COULD NOT BE HAPPIER. (All thanks to my girl Katy, btw!)

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 2.42.35 PM

I love the look, I love the feel, I love the flexibility….the ease of use! It’s exactly what I’ve always envisioned for the blog and I can’t wait to keep growing and changing with it in the future.

With that said, it was a LONG process. Not just the design, but creating Healthy Helper as a ‘brand’.

Eww. I hate that word…brand. It makes me feel so removed from my blog…so corporate or something. But I shouldn’t see it that way! Creating your brand can be IS a positive thing. It helps distinguish you from the crowd and define what you bring to the table in this world of bloggers, internet celebrities, and trolls.

My blog has changed so much over the years, but I finally feel like I am coming into my own. I have a better sense of direction in terms of what I want to share with my reader and feel like a true community has formed as a result.

To put it simply, Healthy Helper is about sharing my passion for health and fitness, making delicious (yet, NUTRITIOUS!) food, and helping others on their own journey to wellness!

Sure there is a lot more to it, but that’s the general idea of what I like to put out there. And I have some help to do it!

Top 5 Apps for Branding Your Blog from must have apps for creating a signature style for your brand! [blogging, social media, buffer, circle pay, wordpress, blogger, healthy living blogger, VSOCam, Snapseed, bitly, tips, blogging tips, advice, help]

Today I want to share my Top Five Apps for Branding Your Blog. Everything from creating a personal style in your photographs to maintaining a good relationship with your readers, these apps help you establish the image you want for yourself and your blog.

WordPress App | used for: quick comment reply and small edits to posts

Readers like when you engage them in conversation, answer questions, and respond to comments. It makes them feel like they are getting to know the real person behind the blog and not just talking to the void that is the internet. Plus, it helps YOU get to know your community, find new blog friends, and LEARN. There is so much to learn from your readers.

Snap seed and VSCO Cam | used for: editing pictures

Pictures are key to establishing your blog’s brand. You want people to associate high quality images (and a certain logo, of course!) with your blog. These apps help you edit in a style that is consistent and unique to your blog’s message, look, and mission. 

Bitly | used for: link shortening

You might not think shortening links would be that important to blogging…but it is! Especially on platforms like Instagram where you can leave a link for people to click on in your profile. Additionally is awesome for making custom urls! Instead of a bunch of random characters and numbers, your URL for your latest brownie recipe can be ever!

Click here to read the rest of Kaila’s post and find out her other favorite apps for blog branding!

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