Blog Tip Thursday: Cure Your Writers Block with These Prompts

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This week’s post is from Ashley, who writes at A Lady Goes West.


Greetings, my friends. I’m coming to you live from Los Angeles, where I’m staying for the next four days for IDEA BlogFest and IDEA World Fitness Convention. My travel here was not too terrible, with just a short flight delay. I used the Super Shuttle to get from LAX to my hotel, which I had never done before, and it was virtually seamless, although it took a while. I’ll be sharing all of my adventures at the conference in real-time on Instagram and in a few recaps on the blog next week, so stay tuned for all of that. But I’ll give you this image from last night — it’s the ESPY awards in LA just around the corner, and I’m sitting in a fancy hotel lobby blogging while people are decked out around me in suits and gowns. Fun times.

But today, I’ve got other things to talk about. And I’ve got to be honest with you — in my rush to get many things done and taken care of before flying out of the Bay Area yesterday, I had some moments of stress. No, it wasn’t all because I had to say goodbye to my little pup (and Dave!) for a few days. I had spent so much time making sure things were in order in my life and various fitness jobs, that I waited until the last minute to come up with a blog topic for today.

And you see, today is not an ideal time to have a last-minute post thrown together. There are times as a blogger, in which you have new readers introduced to you and your site because of an event or particular post. It’s important to grab them on their first arrival. It’s important to put your best foot forward, because first impressions are so important. Well, one of those times will likely happen to me today, as I participate as a speaker in the “Lightning Round” of BlogFest in front of a couple hundred healthy-living bloggers, in which I’ll be talking about writing. Yet today of all days, I really have very little to write about. Go figure.


Writer’s block is a very real thing, and I’ve been fortunate enough not to have it very often. But when it strikes, it can seem scary. Writer’s block is not only a blogger thing. In fact, it’s natural to feel “stuck” in your thought process with many things in life.

So today, on a day in which I had very little new and fresh content to share, I’m offering up some prompts to you, in case you ever find yourself in a time of need. Perhaps you write in a journal. Perhaps you need some conversation starters. Or perhaps you’re a fellow blogger looking for something different.

Blogging prompts to cure writer's block via A Lady Goes West

And these are not necessarily topics I’ve ever addressed, but a few fun things I’d love to see:

  • What are the top five places that you’ve ever visited and why
  • What did you study in school and does it relate to your current occupation
  • What are some hobbies that you’d like to take up
  • Have you ever tried a fad diet and how did it go
  • What’s the biggest news to hit your hometown this year
  • Do you have any goals for the rest of the month or year
  • Who do you most admire in your life and why
  • Pick out your five favorite TV shows and explain why you like each
  • What are the most popular posts on your blog
  • What are you most thankful for
  • What are your favorite things to ask people when you meet them
  • What are your top five dream vacations and why
  • How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Share a list of what’s in your pantry

But wait, there’s more!  Click here to read the rest of Ashley’s post and get even more writing prompts.


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