Blog Tip Thursday: The Most Important SEO Factor For Blogs

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Today’s post comes from Glenneth, who writes at Your Path to Fit.

Last time I wrote about SEO, I wrote about why bloggers should care about SEO. Today we are talking about THE MOST important SEO factor for blogs.
The Most Important SEO Factor for Blogs

The great debate among SEO professionals is – Do I use keywords in my blog post title or not? The short answer is “Yes.” The long answer is “Yes, but you need to be wise about it”. Keywords not only help the search engines find your blog posts, they give web searchers (your potential readers and customers) an idea at a glance what your posts are about. In other words, if you have the keyword phrases that they’re looking for, they’ll stay on your page and read. If not, they’ll quickly move on.

You need a clickable title. My keyword phrase for this post is “important SEO factor.” However, that would have made a terrible blog post title. So I added in a few more words. “The most” to stress the importance and get your attention. “For blogs” to ensure I am getting the right audience (bloggers).

You will notice some blog titles seem to imply secrets are being kept from you or seem a little controversial. Typically these are done just to ensure that people click on the link. Make sure that whatever keyword phrase you want to rank for, that you are incorporating it into the body of the article as well. This lets the search engines know that the article is, indeed, relevant to the search at hand, and they will rank the site accordingly.

Easy peasy huh? Just use the keyword phrase you want to rank for in your title and make sure you are incorporating it into the body of your article as well. Google will see the term and see the relevance and you are on your way to ranking.

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