Blog Tip Thursday: Prop Kitchens and Blogging Illusions

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This week’s post is from Kristin, who writes at FoodFash.


Mismatched Silverware

I’m a collector of cameras, lenses, lighting, editing software, tripods, dishes, utensils, gadgets, napkins, and backdrops.  Years ago, I tossed my all-white dish set and committed to creating a mismatched, Anthropologie-esque dish collection.  My top priority when apartment hunting was always finding a place with a space near the kitchen where I could setup a “studio”.  I’ve spent numerous nights and weekends writing recipes, researching technique, treasure hunting, and building prop sets.  More often than not, while my friends were out and about, I was either knee deep in bricks, subway tiles, wood, stains, paints, and dyes or covered with butter, flour, veggie scraps, and meat guts.  It should be noted that I don’t regret a minute of it.

Mismatched Dish Set

It’s a recent trend for bloggers to come forward and expose how their social media life is an illusion, that they’re on a constant mission to portray a life that is worlds better than the life they’re living.  And in a way, this post is following suit.

I have a prop kitchen that is perfectly white and perfectly lit.  It’s conveniently located on top of all the accessories necessary to make a styled shot.  Shooting only takes minutes because the conditions are right. Editing only takes minutes because, again, the conditions are right.  One hundred percent of my photos are edited.

FoodFash Prop Kitchen With Lighting

On the prop counter likely sits a meal that I prepared myself, styled myself, that was unbound by a budget and unsponsored by a brand.  More often than not, it’s a meal that was created as a result of hunger and inspired by the associated craving.  No meals are created just to create.  No meals go to waste {I share!}.

FoodFash Prop Kitchen

I don’t believe using a prop kitchen is a reflection of pretending to have.  But I do believe the prop kitchen is a reflection of hard work, dedication, and a creative spirit.  I work with brands on occasion because I enjoy being rewarded for working hard, challenging myself with product limitations, and providing readers with products that I want as well.  But for the most part, the food, the setup, and the opportunities are funded by a demanding day job that is completely unrelated to FoodFash.

Click here to find out more about Kristin’s prop kitchen and get links to her favorite tools and equipment sources.

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