Blog Tip Thursday: How To Add an Image Widget with Link to Your Blog

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This week’s post is from Emily, who writes at More Than Just Dessert.

Over the past four years, blogging has made me a better problem solver and more resourceful.  I learn new tricks everyday and last week was no different.

There is this fabulous newsletter called The Skimm that provides a roundup of the news around the world.  I’m a skimmbassador, which means that a) I looooove The Skimm and b) I help share it because I think its the bomb.  Disclaimer: I’m not compensated monetarily for sharing The Skimm OR writing this post.  I simply love that it keeps me in the know and helps me appear smart at happy hour.  Editor’s note: Many members of the HLB team love the The Skimm as well.  Check it out!


A number of skimm’bassadors are bloggers and so a few weeks ago, Skimm HQ sent out an image for us to display on our blogs.  Only problem for me was that with my generic wordpress theme (I use two thousand eleven), I had only added images by an embed code…meaning that the image was housed on another site and they gave me an html code that would display the image and link back to their site.  Groups like Healthy Living Blogs and Fitfluential do this, when I joined their groups I was given the code and used a text widget to display them.

Image Widget Tutorial

But as for sharing The Skimm, I had to figure out how to add an image without an embed code and then how to include a link to a page where a reader could sign up.  After asking a couple questions and the power of the google, I was able to complete the task quickly! Here’s how I did it.

Adding an Image Widget With Link Tutorial

Step one: Go to your plugins and install image widget.  If you search for “image widget” it should be the first one that pops up.  Install and activate the widget.



Step two: upload the picture you want in the badge/widget to your media (this is just like when you upload your pics to wordpress for a blogpost).  Make sure you edit the picture to resize it to fit your sidebar or where ever you choose to put the badge.  For me, it’s about 190 x 190 pixels-ish to fit my sidebar.

Step three: click on widgets under the “appearance” tab on the left side of your dashboard. You should see your new “image widget” on the list of widgets available. Mine is in the first column on the left in the image below.   Drag the image widget to whichever sidebar or menu you would like to put it on…my “main sidebar” is where I would drag mine to.

Click here to read the rest of the steps and start adding images to your sidebar!


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