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Katie from Talk Less, Say More has teamed up with her friend Samantha to set out on a charity fundraising tour called 50 States In A Year The girls will be blogging their way through the year while hosting fundraising WODs at CrossFit boxes across the country raising money for charity. The girls are teaming up with Sweat Angels so the cause changes every month, including providing meals for families and toys to kids in the hospital. While Katie and Samantha will be spreading the health, wellness and fitness message, they’re also looking to create community and bring everyone together while working towards the same cause – to give back! If you want to be a part of making this happen, check out the project GoFundMe and get a postcard from the road, 50 States T-shirt or tank top, goodie box or even have the girls cook you dinner as they travel through your area!

MumafitWebsiteAd (1) Mumafit is a blog written by Fiona Trewhitt who is a Life and Wellness Coaching for women. Mumafit provides pre and post natal exercise expertise and the much loved ‘Mama Bliss’ holistic coaching series to allow women to live healthy, happy family lives. Fiona is also the developer of the Mumafit App, downloaded and loved by thousands of women worldwide. The Mama Bliss coaching series puts your personal health back on the map. It provides strategies to enrich your health, whilst meeting the needs of everyone else and allow you to nail a rocking family life you’ll love. Personalised coaching will give you time efficient and effective stress soothers, productivity gems, strategies for self-love and care, and bust the ‘life balance’ myth. Best of all? Your newfound health and happiness will infiltrate your family unit. It’s contagious, in the best possible way. Investing in you is making the best possible investment you can make for everyone around you. Follow her blog at or daily on Instagram, and facebook (@mumafit) allows you to create fully customized cereals of your dreams. You can choose from 100 wholesome ingredients including variety of organic, NonGMO, additive-free and sugar-free ingredients in 5 categories – cereal base, base ingredients, fruits, nuts&seeds and extras. You can choose muesli, granola, or multigrain flakes base and then add ingredients of your choice. The options include many non-traditional items and superfoods such as cocoa nibs, vanilla beans, bee pollen, matcha tea powder or organic acai berry powder and also 13 types of freeze-dried fruits. MixMyOwn is dedicated to promoting a wholesome lifestyle for customers by providing easy to access tools and a simple natural product.

NewsFromAlamedahlbad On News from Alameda Street, Danielle shares stories about life with her wonderful husband and sweet littles in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Danielle is a part time teacher and photographer, bringing doses of knowledge and gorgeous shots to her posts.  You’ll find family updates, tips for making healthy decision making easier, inspiration for DIY fun, and buckets of great ideas for keeping little hands busy and spending time with the people you love.

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Relishments was born out of too much free time and an addiction to Food Network in the fall of 2008. Since then the blog has transitioned to focus on Emily’s explorations of mostly meat-free food, attempts at making things from scratch, and reviews of events and places in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts. Emily’s loves include local establishments, walking around her neighborhood, her teaching job and her CSA membership.


Alicia is the enthusiastic blogger behind the full of spirit and fun site The Wannabe Foodie. She is a fulltime graduate student who spends her free time reading, cooking and training for half marathons. At The Wannabe Foodie you can find discussion on running, recipes, and the coolest dog in all the land, Butternut Squashington.  Alicia is an HLB Staffer and was a part of the #HLS12 planning and volunteer team.

blog ad[2]just a one girl revolution. is the story of Mindy’s journey as she learns what it means to live the best kind of life.  Mindy is in the midst of a 100 pound weight loss.  She once was a girl who would say she’d run only if she was being chased and could eat an entire pizza in one sitting.  Today, she continues to revolutionize her own life.  She is a vegetarian, half marathon, triathlete, and yogi.  In 2013, she hopes to add marathoner to that list!  On Mindy’s blog, you’ll find snippets of her everyday life, everything from race recaps to book reviews to tidbits about her city of Grand Rapids, Michigan – and so much more.

bzthumbBrownies and Zucchini started in 2010 as an effort for self-proclaimed picky eater, Kelly, to expand her tastes by breaking out of old food habits and finding new favorites. The blog follows her reviews of recipes, restaurants, and products, as well as some running, crafting, travel, local events, and of course adorable photos of Olive the pug and Miss Kitty.

eleven2Eleven2 is a web hosting provider comprised of talented designers, developers, musicians, film makers, business owners, writers, photographers, bloggers, and much more. All of us at Eleven2 are a lot like you, making it easier for us to understand and deliver exactly what it is that you need. As Eleven2 continues to grow and expand, it is important for us to hold on to our roots as a company who invests everything into our customers. These characteristics have prompted our current success and isolated us from the rest of our competition. Eleven2 is set at a great pace to change the world of web hosting by treating customers like people, one person at a time.

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