Healthy Hobbies Beyond Fitness: GARDENING!


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My Full Time FIT Life

We can’t be all about fitness all the time. We would just go crazy. That’s why it is so important to have hobbies! Because fitness is so important to us we must have hobbies that are healthy; not counteractive to our passion for fitness and healthy living.  Having a hobby like competitive eating or bar hopping, for example, would be counter intuitive to living healthy and being fit!  However, cooking, gardening, crafting are all healthy hobbies that are not only great ways to unwind but also support healthy living. 

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My healthy hobby/outlet, (however you choose to define it!) is gardening.  Growing up my father owned a nursery and my family always spent time together there and in the garden, landscaping, growing veggies and manicuring plants. This was such a great way to get us all outside spending time together to create something. To this day I still enjoy it and now I drag my step-son out with me to prune and plant as the seasons require.  There is just something about planting and watching it grow. Indoor plants require so much attention and I cannot keep one alive unless it is a succulent or water bound plant, which you can forget about for months at a time! So outdoors is much more my style as it is a weekly or bi-monthly event or activity as opposed to a daily task.

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One of the best things about gardening is that it is aligned with a healthy lifestyle. It not only requires physical activity but provides me with fresh, organic veggies and herbs to cook with! Because so much of my free time is committed to staying fit and having a family it is vital for me to do something that supports my fitness goals and family values. Getting the kids out from in front of the Xbox not only keeps them active but prevents the onset of jaundice! They get to play in the dirt, make a mess and they learn how to care for something other than themselves.

Aside from keeping the kids off their butts and forcing them to hang out with me gardening is so relaxing and fulfilling.  I cannot express enough the fulfillment I receive from planting a seed or cutting and watching it grow!   My dad is notorious for pinching plants or taking cuttings. I have so many memories of him with plastic bags lining his pockets just in case he came across a plant he “needed.” Today I do the same thing! It’s embarrassing really… more so to my fiancé, Randy than myself, but still embarrassing! Whenever we take the dirty dog for a spin around the neighborhood I am always on the look out! I start the little cutting out in water on my windowsill until it roots then it’s out to the garden to grow! It’s really too bad my neighbors don’t grow their veggies in front of their house! Just kidding, that would probably get me in a little trouble!!

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