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When I received the request to write a blog post on healthy habits beyond fitness, my first thought was, “Sure. It’ll be fun. I’m on vacation the week before it’s due, so I should have plenty of time to make it a good one.”

Little did I know when I said “yes” that I’d be knee-deep in a first draft of another novel, trying to crank out as many words as possible before I head back to work and my writing time is severely curtailed.

This novel, unlike any of my others, already has a home. My publisher gave me a contract for both BEAUTY AND THE BALLPLAYER and untitled Book 3 in my “Love and Baseball” series—and I’ve been making myself a wee bit crazy trying to write that third book from scratch, and fast.

Add to that trying to get ready for the launch of my first release, DIVA IN THE DUGOUT (coming Oct. 15), and you can see why healthy habits haven’t been uppermost in my mind lately.

First, let me run through a few of the unhealthy habits that have been consuming my days and nights.

clip_image002Welcome to the “Do as I say, not as I do” portion of today’s program.

Drinking diet soda. I go through phases where I drink very little and others where I down a can or more a day. The caffeine has given me the illusion that I’m in control.


Downing fancy, fattening coffee drinks. Starbucks is my office away from home. I’m there pretty much every day before work—and too often I order something other than unsweetened iced tea.



Here are a few of the healthy habits I should be cultivating (but often fail):

clip_image006Meal planning/preparation. Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean is a big proponent of Sunday meal prep. The theory: Taking a chunk of time to cook up a bunch of things keeps you on track throughout the week. You have things ready in the fridge to grab and go, which keeps you out of the drive-thru.

I love the idea of Sunday food prep. The execution is something else altogether. When I do take the time to cook up, say, a bunch of chicken breasts and a pot of quinoa, for example, when mealtime rolls around, that’s the last thing I want to eat.

Brushing/flossing. Experts say dental health affects overall health, so taking care of those pearly whites is important.

Finding something to keep those hands busy. Instead of reaching for a snack while you watch TV, try a craft. I like both crochet and counted cross stitch, although I haven’t been doing much of either recently. (My free time is devoted to writing.)

Even better? Turn off the TV and put on some music. Dance around the room. Voila — exercise that doesn’t feel like a chore!

Blogging. My blog is an outlet. I share my feelings and discoveries, failures and successes. Sometimes, getting everything down on paper helps me clear my mind—or recommit to the things I know I need to be doing to succeed at weight loss. Anyway, it’s healthy to get it all out rather than bottling it inside.

About Arlene: Arlene started Adventures in Weight Loss, Cooking and Life in 2009 as a way to share her adventures in … well, weight loss, cooking and life. She’s a 40-something journalist and about-to-be-published novelist living in northern Arizona.

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