Healthy Hobbies Beyond Fitness: For Everyone!

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A few years ago, had a goal written on my yearly Goals List to “develop an active hobby.”

I had long ago decided that I was not, and never would be, the kind of person who would work out at the gym. Lo and behold how things change. But back then, I knew the only way I was going to increase my fitness was to find something that I truly loved doing – a hobby, that just so happened to be active.

Up to this point, my hobbies included reading and watching movies, both decidedly inactive. And while I did eventually become the kind of person who runs and goes to the gym (thanks to an obsessive love for Body Pump classes), it’s still important to have healthy hobbies beyond your workouts.

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For the Sports Enthusiast

Love sports? I happen to be a huge sports fan – with a heavy emphasis on the FAN. I’ve never played a sport in my life and actually find the idea kind of terrifying. Stand up in front of everyone and try to hit a moving ball with a bat? That’s pretty much my worst nightmare. But I know there are other (arguably more normal) people out there who love playing sports – and joining a “fun league” for softball, basketball, even dodgeball is a great way to get to know new people and to incorporate activity at the same time. I know a lot of companies sponsor teams for their employees so that’s a great option to get fit and network with co-workers.

If you’re looking for something a little less competitive (which is where I usually land), practicing tennis with a friend, hitting up a driving range, or going bowling are all wonderful active alternatives to sitting on the couch, or embarrassing yourself (read: myself) with a bat.

For the Adventure-Seeker

I feel like there I no shortage of new fitness crazes these days to satisfy everyone’s tastes. The latest one that I’m really excited to try is Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUPing – awesome abbreviation). I think SUP classes are popping up in most places that have any sort of water nearby – and here in DC they even have yoga and fitness classes that are held on a SUP board. I also recently saw on another blog (based in California) that they took a class at a trampoline gym. Seriously – a gym filled with trampolines. It looked incredible, and as soon as I find one nearby I definitely want to try it!


There is also no shortage of fun runs to choose from. Fun runs (specifically the Color Run) are what first started me towards running. I also recently ran a 5k called The Electric Run which is like a club/rave effect throughout the course. I swear I can’t go the week without seeing 5 different fun runs, mud runs, obstacle runs, or other themed events pop up on Facebook, Groupon, and Living Social. If charity events are more your speed, there are tons of great events that can help you support the causes you believe in – and if running isn’t your thing there are lots of charity walks as well. Form a team and raise money together – it’s another great chance to spend time with friends, family or co-workers. My favorite search engine for events is Running in the USA.

For the ‘Couch Potato’

This is pretty much where I fell (or fall, depending on what day it is) – so I use the phrase ‘couch potato’ with nothing but love. When you’re in a couch potato state – the most important thing you can do is start incorporating little bits of activity wherever you can. I started by parking further away from work/stores so I have to walk a little extra, or walking to the grocery store instead of driving when I don’t have a ton of things to buy. I also like to incorporate extra walking into things I already love – like going to concerts. During the summer months, I usually end up going to between 6 and 8 concerts. Concerts just equal summer to me. So while I’m there, I try to take a few laps around the venue to check out the merchandise booths and people watch. You can apply this same principle to all kinds of outdoor events!

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For the Fashionista

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