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I’m all about staying organized as a blogger to streamline the amount of time I spend online. So much so, that I’m speaking about that very topic at Healthy Living Summit this year (are you joining us? Registration opens Monday!). One of my favorite online organizational tools is Pocket, formerly known as Read It Later.

When I find a blog post or website that I don’t have time to read at the moment, or want to promote on social media later, I save it to my Pocket. I can save the posts directly from the web or from my feed reader, Feedly, in a single click, which I love. Then when I have a few free minutes later, I have a ready-made list of things to browse.

The details:

Pocket is easy to install in your web browser, and the web version syncs with the free iPhone and Android Pocket apps.

On the web, you can view your saved posts as a list or as a grid with larger thumbnails (my preferred viewing method). You can also sort by Newest, Oldest, Post Title or Website. There are some options for adding tags and the like, but I’ve found it to be a bit inconvenient to access and edit, and never use them.

Screen shot 2013-06-12 at 5.54.16 PM

In the app, you can only sort from Newest to Oldest, or vice versa, but I haven’t found that to be limiting in any way. The app doesn’t have a grid viewing option, unfortunately.

The Buffer bonus:

Another bonus of Pocket is that it syncs with Buffer, so I can share posts directly from my Pocket. In fact, when I’m reading blogs on my phone, I often save them from Feedly to Pocket, and schedule my Twitter and Facebook posts from there. It is a bit of a clunky system, but until Feedly is integrated with Buffer, this will remain my work-around.

Keeping organized:

I try to go through my Pocket once a week and read through whatever I’ve saved to keep my list from getting overwhelming and to make sure I don’t miss anything timely. I also have a policy that if something has been saved for more than four weeks and I still haven’t read it, it gets marked as read; if I haven’t read it by then, I probably never will.

How do you organize the posts and websites you bookmark? Do you leave them in a feed reader, email them to yourself, or use another app or website to stay organized?


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