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Healthy Living Blogs has already mentioned Evernote a few times.  Chef Katelyn talked about how it’s a great organizational tool.  Sara mentioned Evernote in a list of fitness resources and Mindy wrote about how great the mobile app is.  All of these things are true, but I wanted to share with you some of my other favorite ways to use Evernote.

If you’re still unclear about the basic functions of Evernote, they have a good intro video:

Evernote can be sort of overwhelming though.  Some of my tips for making Evernote even more useful:

Use Search

I use Evernote A LOT.  Since I first signed up in 2009, I’ve created almost 2700 notes, the vast majority of which are recipes I’ve saved from around the internet.  I love storing my recipes in Evernote because the search feature makes it so easy to find recipes that include any ingredient I’m looking to use.  I have notebooks for different food categories, as well as an assortment of tags.  Evernote is my own personalized cookbook.  I don’t worry too much about tagging every ingredient, because Evernote will search any word you want, even in images.  So if you’re saving a lot of information you might need to search through later, Evernote is an excellent place to do it.

evernote search

Searching for “banana” in my Evernote account

Install It Everywhere

Evernote is most useful when you can actually get to your notes.  I keep Evernote easily accessible from everywhere.  It’s installed on my phone, my home computer, my iPod and bookmarked on my work computer (where I can’t install anything).  All my notes at my finger tips, all the time.  So if I’m at the supermarket and can’t remember how much of that ingredient I need for a recipe, I can pull up the note.  If I’m at the mall and I can’t remember what I bought my mom for her birthday last year, I can open the note.  If I’m at work and I can’t remember the website for those great worksheets, I can access the note.

Utilize Clearly and the Web Clipper

Even though I’m a fairly heavy Evernote user, I have never once needed to buy extra monthly storage.   I think one of the reasons for this is my use of Evernote’s Clearly browser extension and web clipper.  Clearly removes all but the main content of a website before sending it to your Evernote account and the web clipper allows you to highlight just the content you want before sending it to your account.

relishments in clearly

My site, with Clearly

Desktop Client

For a long time, I only used the web version of Evernote.  It’s really great.  But the desktop client is even better: you can add and edit notes without additional clicking of edit or save buttons, easily print and work offline.  Definitely worth taking the time to install.

evernote desktop app

inside the Evernote desktop client


I’ve only recently started getting into If This Then That, but you can connect your Evernote account and automate certain events using it.  So, if you want to use Evernote to automatically archive your Instagram photos, save important emails or save posts from Pocket, this is your tool.

But wait, there’s more: The Trunk

The tools I’ve listed above are just a small sampling of the Evernote tools available.  They have a whole site called “The Trunk” full of apps and other software that can connect to Evernote and make your experience even more amazing.  Check it out!

evernote trunk

The Evernote Trunk

I can’t imagine organizing my digital life without Evernote.  If you’re using Evernote already or you’ve never tried it, I hope these suggestions help improve your experience.

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