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me and kidsHello, fellow Healthy Living Bloggers! My name is Jessica and I blog over at Keeping Mommy Sane.

As you can probably tell from the name of my blog, I struggle with balancing motherhood, career, healthy living, fitness and some semblance of a personal life, while also maintaining my sanity.

That’s why I’m so thankful for the Internet.

As a busy, multitasking mom, I’m always turning to my “go-to” online resources for everything from kid-friendly vegetarian recipes to tips for drinking more water every day to half marathon training plans. These health, fitness and happiness tools help make my life easier by providing valuable tips and advice exactly when I need them.

Here are some of the websites, blogs and apps that I rely on:

IMG_1408· Women’s Running: I love this site for so many reasons: the training plans, the inspirational stories, the running tips, the reviews on running gear. In fact, my first half marathon training strategy is modeled after one of Women’s Running’s 13.1 plans.

· MyFitnessPal: I’m not very good at counting calories, but every so often (usually when I want to lose a few pounds or need to get back on the wagon after an indulgent vacation) I’ll start logging my meals into MyFitness Pal, and I’m always shocked by how many calories I’m really consuming. It’s such an eye-opener.

· Sworkit: I used to use my husband’s work travel or a family vacation as an excuse to ignore my strength training for a few days. But then I discovered the iPhone app Sworkit. IMG_1407It took me a little while to get used to it, but now I’m hooked. You can choose the kind of strength training workout that you want (upper body, core, etc.) or you can focus on yoga and stretching. And the best part? All you need is yourself, and your phone. Easy peasy.

· Huffington Post Stress Less Parenting and This is where I go when I need a reality check. You know, when one kid is sick and other is having a tantrum and you’re on deadline for work and you have a week’s worth of dirty dishes piled up in your sink. It’s a relief knowing others are in the same boat, and I’ll often walk away with creative, time-saving tips or new strategies for dealing with the stress that comes with being a parent.

· Peas and Thank You, Naturally Ella, Smitten Kitchen, 101 Cookbooks, etc.: I recently became a weekly meal planner, with the goal of serving healthier food, managing our grocery budget and eliminating the stressful guesswork that comes with walking in the door at 6pm with two tired, cranky kids and having no clue what to make for dinner. The hard part, of course, is coming up with the actual meals, which is tricky when you consider I’m a vegetarian, my husband and son are semi-vegetarians, and my daughter loves meat. Some nights I make a dish we’ll all eat, other nights I end up with two different dinners. But I can guarantee that most weeks you’ll find me turning to the blogs listed above for recipe inspiration. Their creative ideas keep me motivated.

What are your online resources for making life changes? I’d love to hear your suggestions!

IMG_0654Jessica is a working mom, freelance writer and the blogger behind Keeping Mommy Sane. She’s still getting used to calling herself a runner, even though she is training for her first half marathon in May. Jessica lives in the Boston suburbs with her husband, 6-year-old son and 1-year-old daughter. You can find her on Twitter at @SaneMommy and on Facebook at KeepingMommySane.

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