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We’re back with another submission for this month’s Healthy Living Tuesdays series: Online Resources for Life Change!

The best part of our HLT series is the open-invitation to participate. Here’s how you can play along: Sometime in the next few weeks, write a post on your own blog under the “Online Resources for Life Change” theme. When the last Tuesday of March shows up, we’ll host a link up. Participating is a great challenge: How will you make your post stand out in a community of bloggers writing under the same theme? Plus, the link up at the end of the month is an awesome way to promote your greatest content!

Between now & then, we’ll be showing off some of our members own posts on the subject manner – so, be sure to come back and visit each week to get a taste of how others are tackling the topic themselves. It’s a great way to find new bloggers to read and get to know your fellow HLB Members. [If you’re interested in writing for future Healthy Living Tuesday featured posts, drop us an email at]


I’m excited to have the chance to do something a little different today, but still write about something near & dear to my heart…

A couple weeks ago, the kind people over at HLB (Healthy Living Bloggers) asked if I’d be up for writing a feature about “Online Resources for Lasting Change”. Umm… YES, please & thank you.

After all, change is inevitable. It’s really the only constant thing we can count on and I promise you, it’s a good thing.


Change allows us to adapt, improve, and keep creating the person we are…and the person we ultimately want to become.

My family, friends, and roommates know I can often be a pain to watch TV or sit around the house with because I’m known for multi-tasking and constantly browsing the web. But there is just a limitless source of information, research, inspiration, and fun that sucks me right in like a black hole. Besides some of my favorite distractions and most-visited sites have also become some pretty incredible online resources for lasting change.


So for the sake of helping you stay more popular with the people you live with than I am, I’ve compiled some of my favorite sites for you to easily link to.

I’m also so lucky to work with an incredibly dynamic, experienced, knowledgeable, enlightening, and generous group of people, that I’ve even included some of their favorites. (Thanks team, you all make me want to be a better person everyday.)


Daily Inspirations:

TUT (Totally Unique Thoughts)

Daily Om (Nurturing Mind, Body, & Spirit)

Thought Catalog

Yogis Anonymous *follow her on Facebook!


Yoga Peeps

inspirations from Simply Complicated (nothing like a little self plug 😉 )

Leadership & Communication:

TED Talks (“Ideas worth spreading”) One of my latest faves: (One Change by Sarah Britton)

Igolu by Susan Conrad (Check out her podcasts and Above/Below the Line distinction)

Brian Tracy CD’s

Lululemon’s Vision & Goal-Setting Resources

Self-help, Medical, & Mental Illness:

Dr. Frank Lipman (a voice on sustainable wellness)

NEDA (eating disorders)

NIMH (mental health)

IMAlive (crisis network)

Our world is undoubtedly a connected and dependent place. We couldn’t do things without each other. So don’t ever hold back from sharing, teaching, asking for help, looking to better yourself, opening up, and loving every inch of your life, every single day.


Thanks HLB and come on over anytime and visit me at simply complicated. where I blog about my life that’s often exactly that!


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