What Do I Love About Being Healthy?

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We’re back with another submission for this month’s Healthy Living Tuesdays series:“Health Loves.”

The best part of our HLT series is the open-invitation to participate. Here’s how you can play along: Sometime in the next few weeks, write a post on your own blog under the “Health Loves” theme. When the last Tuesday of February shows up, we’ll host a link up. Participating is a great challenge: How will you make your post stand out in a community of bloggers writing under the same theme? Plus, the link up at the end of the month is an awesome way to promote your greatest content!

Between now & then, we’ll be showing off some of our members own posts on the subject manner – so, be sure to come back and visit each week to get a taste of how others are tackling the topic themselves. It’s a great way to find new bloggers to read and get to know your fellow HLB Members. [If you’re interested in writing for future Healthy Living Tuesday featured posts, drop us an email at healthylivingblogs@gmail.com.]

Hello Healthy Bloggers!

I’m Marielle and blog at Fit Girl in a Pretty World. I’m still very new to blogging (less than 6 months) and I’m so happy I took the leap of faith to start a blog and be part of amazing communities like this one. Smile 

When asked to contribute to the February theme for HLB writing under the theme of “health loves” I was actually kind of nervous and well, stumped. I wanted my article to be interesting and fun to read, but I also had no idea what to write! LOL. But don’t worry friends; it came to me last night: What do I love about being healthy?

Well that’s easy.

017How I Feel

I know this is so cliché but after a great workout I feel like I am in my happy place. I love feeling muscle fatigue. I love eating a healthy meal and feeling full and content verses eating a greasy cheeseburger and feeling bloated. We all know that feeling. Groggy and Sluggish. Ick. No thanks.

How My Clothes Fit

Every girl has that favorite dress or pair jeans that make you feel like hot stuff. I love my runners legs and being able to show them off in the summertime and not being embarrassed to wear a bikini or tank tops when the time comes.

Indulging is THAT Much Sweeter

What works best for me is the philosophy of “everything in moderation is okay.” So, of course I enjoy my nachos and margarita nights. I don’t always shy away from letting myself eating dessert or getting a beer on Friday night. The way I think of it “I earned it.” If I made healthy eating and exercise habits that week, then more reason to reward myself and relax!

024 (1)Meeting Healthy-Minded People Like Me

I have a lot of close friends that actually don’t work out regularly and they don’t fully understand my love of exercise. Thank goodness for my blogging community and fit blog virtual friends. They understand my excitement when my abs are sore or when I can use 5# weights with tricep extensions. It’s the little things.

Thanks for reading HLB. I’m curious to hear what you love about being healthy?


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