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Hey everyone! My name is Stellina and I am the blogger behind behind My Yogurt Addiction. My blog follows my never ending yogurt addiction as well as quest to live a healthy lifestyle in today’s media driven society. Speaking of the media, today I will talking to you about a different kind of media,social media.

If you read my blog or follow me on Facebook or Twitter, then you know about my love for social media. It fascinates me that we can meet new people, build a brand, share our passions and much more through these online passages. Crazy, right?! Yes I’m that girl who is constantly tweeting from my work computer, updating my Facebook status via my phone as well as documenting everything I eat to share on Instagram!

This leads me to the main purpose of this post, which is utilizing Instagram for blogging purposes. I feel as though a lot of bloggers underestimate Instagram, and focus more on Facebook and Twitter. Using Instagram can open up a whole slew of new opportunities that you otherwise wouldn’t have been exposed to.  Here are a few tips to help you better market your blog via Instagram. Enjoy!

5 Instagram Tips for Bloggers

picframeChoose The Right Name: Keep you Instagram name consistent with your blog, Twitter and Facebook Page names. For example, my blog is called “My Yogurt Addiction” therefore my Facebook page has the same exact name and my Twitter and Instagram handles are “@yogurtaddiction”. This will not only make it easier for your fans to find you, but will also allow photos that you are tagged in by another user show up on your Twitter page.

Don’t Post Too Often: Try not to post more than 3 pictures in a row, or more than 3 pictures in 3 hours. If you post more than that, you may annoy your followers, which will cause them to unfollow you.  Don’t forget about the PicFrame app which can be used to post several photos as a collage in one Instagram picture. When using PicFrame, make sure that the photos are related to each other so that the collage makes

Post a Daily Screen Shot: After I publish a post on my blog, I instantly share it on Instagram (as well as Facebook and Twitter). This reminds my mobile fans that may not have checked Facebook or Twitter or blog, that I have published a post. I only post a screen shot of the very beginning of my post, so that my readers will have to visit my blog in order to read more.

Use Hashtags: Like on Twitter, using hashtags on Instagram allows new users to discover your profile. Unlike Twitter, hashtags on Instagram are not limited.  Although you are not restricted on the number of hashtags that you can use, do not use every hashtag imaginable! Only use hashtags that relate to your current post. Five relatable hashtags are better than 15 random ones!


Ask Questions: When you add a photo, also add a caption asking a question (if it relates). Asking questions increases engagement and prompts people to interact. Pondering over something? Want to start a dialogue? Then ask a question!

Happy Instagramming!


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