Blog Tip Thursdays: Updating Klout Topics

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One of  the tasks I dedicate some time to each month, is handing out some +K on Klout to the HLB Members who I’ve recognized as excellent content creators.  The way I see it, spreading the Klout is one small way that I can pay it forward.

[if you’re not familiar with Klout, check out this comprehensive Klout post from Renee.]

What I didn’t realize until recently, is that each user is now responsible for the the influential topics linked to their account.  For example, I always love to read Ashley’s posts and often find myself sharing them to the Healthy Living Blogs community through our Twitter account or Facebook page.


It’s clear that Ashley is an influential content creator in our community about A LOT of topics, and one topic I find her especially helpful in is running.  So off to her Klout page I went to give her a +K in Running.


Her top three topics are Pizza, Veganism, and Cameras.  So I clicked on “See More” to find Running, but running was not listed.  So I got to Googling, trying to find the answer to the problem: How do I give +K to someone in a topic that is not yet listed on their Klout page?

The answer I found?  You can update your own topics when you are logged into your account.

Of course, I got curious and decided to give my own topics a look…


Community, Kitchen, Ellen Page, Pizza, Facebook, Albany, Cameras, Shopping, Health, Harry Potter, Podcasts, Starbucks, Movies, Apple, Money, Games, Politics, Fundraising, Nutrition, and Public Relations.

Some of these make sense.  [I do talk about podcasts an awful lot, after all.] Others baffle me. [Ellen Page!?]

So, I logged out of the HLB account, logged in as THS, and got to work updating my topics. Here are the questions I asked myself when choosing what topics to declare myself influential:

  1. What topics do I blog, tweet, and share about most often?
  2. When I am asked for advice by readers and/or blends, what topic does the advice fall under?
  3. What topics best align with the THS brand?

Then I took my list and started deleting and adding the appropriate topics to my account.


To delete a topic from your list:

  • Go to your Klout profile.
  • On the left hand column, see the “Your Topics” section.
  • Select “See More”
  • Hover over the topic you want to delete until a close-out X appears in the upper right hand corner of that topic box.


  • Click the close-out X to remove the topic.
  • Confirm you want to remove the topic by selecting Okay.


Now, once I removed a few of the topics that I didn’t think were a good fit for my Then Heather Said Klout account, more topics auto filled from Klout. [though sometimes I had to click out of the list and click back into the “see more topics” link to see what Klout automatically added.]

I continued to sort through and X out of the not-relevant to me topics until I had a list I thought was a much better fit.

Because I now had less than 20 topics on my list, it was time to add some topics determined by the three questions I asked earlier.


To add a topic to your list:

  • Note: you can only add topics when your list contains less than 20 topics.
  • Go to your Klout profile.
  • On the left hand column, see the “Your Topics” section.
  • Select “See More”
  • Select “Add a topic.”


  • Type in the search box until your choice topic appears.
  • Click on the Topic of choice and select add.

This organizational task only took a few minutes and could help me to gain +K from the communities I am in.  Evaluate the feedback you receive to determine which topics you are the most influential in.  Think about what posts get the most comments, which tweets get replies, favorited and retweeted, which statuses get liked, and the topics of the emails you receive from readers.  [and if you leave me a comment telling me you’ve done so, I may just be compelled to go give it a look and spread some +K love your way ;) ]

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