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Today’s post comes from Kelly of Brownies and Zucchini!


Is there anything that bloggers like more than taking photos? Why not turn those photos into gifts! Sure, you could just print some photos and mail them to someone, but where do those photo go? If you are anything like I am, you print photos intended to go in frames and it takes MUCH longer than anticipated to get the frames and fill them. Enter: StickyGram. This is my favorite solution for gifting photos.

StickyGram makes it so easy to turn your Instagram photo into magnets. You connect your Instagram account, select the photos you want to print, and order. It’s that easy.

I’ve gifted StickyGram magnets, and I have some on my own fridge.

Pro tip:
not sure which friends would enjoy your photos, or which ones they would enjoy? Look at which ones they’ve favorited or commented on! You already know that they like it, so a magnet version to stick on their refrigerator or other magnetic surface is bound to be a hit!

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