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healthy living tuesdaysHowdy, friends! We are back with a brand new theme for this month’s Healthy Living Tuesdays series:“Health for the Whole Family”

One of the things I love most about our HLT series is the open-invitation to participate. Here’s how you can play along: Write a post on your own blog under this theme this month, and when the last Tuesday of December rolls around , we’ll host a link up. Participating is a great challenge: How will you make your post stand out in a community of bloggers writing under the same theme? Plus, the link up at the end of the month is an awesome way to promote your greatest content!

Between now & then, we’ll be showing off some of our members own posts on the subject manner – so, be sure to come back and visit each week to get a taste of how others are tackling the topic themselves. It’s a great way to find new bloggers to read and get to know your fellow HLB Members. [If you’re interested in writing for future Healthy Living Tuesday featured posts, drop us an email at]

Image020-Keenan riding his trikeWhen Healthy Living Blogs asked me to write a featured post, I was more than thrilled, especially with the topic being “Health for the Whole Family!” My name is Melissa and I blog at Fit ‘N’ Well Mommy. I have a very active two-year-old (Keenan), who keeps me on my toes!

Staying active and being healthy have always been a part of my life; it is who I am. It started with my grandmother who led a healthy and active lifestyle (even doing the splits at 80 years old!), which she modeled for my mom, who exercises regularly, and eats and cooks healthy food.

When I was a little girl, my grandmother said, “You only have one body, so you need to take care of it!” Her statement has resonated with me throughout my life, motivating me to maintain a healthy lifestyle, staying fit (even at times when I’m tired and don’t feel like working out) and modeling healthy habits for my son.

IMG_3854-hike to Exit GlacierAs parents, we are the most influential models for our children, so practicing and modeling a healthy lifestyle is vital. Since Keenan was an infant, we have involved him in our grocery shopping, picking out produce at our local farmer’s market and cooking healthy meals. When Keenan started eating solids, I made all of his food, cooking fresh produce that we picked out together (he in my ergo carrier). As he got older and could pick out the produce himself, he started helping me load our basket with fresh fruits and veggies. We have a lot of fun naming all of the produce and talking about how we are going to prepare them. When it’s time to cook the food we bought, he likes to be our “Sous Chef” and add the spices, stir, or mix. When the meal is ready, he is even more excited to eat what he helped pick out and prepare!

In addition to eating healthy, I am an avid CrossFitter. Fortunately, our “box” has a children’s area, as well as a children’s CrossFit program. Keenan goes with us to the gym when my husband and I work out. After class, he gets to “play” on the rings and have his chance to run around on the floor. In a year or so, he will be ready to fully participate in the CrossFit kids program!

Image022-hike up to Exit GlacierCrossFit aside, we take family bike rides, walks, and jogs (Keenan loves the BOB!), on a regular basis, thus practicing a healthy and fit lifestyle together. We both want Keenan to grow up being active, eat healthy and—most importantly—have fun while doing it!

Being healthy as a whole family is not just what I believe, it is a way of life. Without health and fitness, I don’t know where I would be. It is what I do day in and day out. And, I need to feel my best in order to keep up with Keenan and any other children I may have in the future. Leading by example is how I was raised, seeing my grandmother and mother maintain a healthy lifestyle—a positive habit—which I will continue to model for Keenan.


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