Pause & Reset

Hi, there! Heather, here!

We’re having site issues at the moment. [and thanks to all of you who have tweeted/texted/emailed me about the problems.]  And we are working on getting them all ironed out.  I appreciate your patience as we take a pause on updating HLB for the next few days.  

In the meantime, won’t you join me in a fun little impromptu challenge?  
Select three of the following goals from the list below to complete before November 1:

  1. Make or update your Blogger Media Kit.
  2. Leave a comment on a blog you read often but rarely, if ever, comment on.
  3. Clean out your Google Reader, Blog Roll, or email subscriptions.
  4. Make a list of ten favorite blogs. Do they have Facebook a page for their blog? LIKE THEM!
  5. Use the HLB Location Pages to find a blogging neighbor to befriend.
  6. Try this creative planning exercise:  Sit in a place where you’ll face minimum distraction with paper and pen, set a timer for 10 minutes, and write down every thought that comes to your mind.  Set the timer again for 5 minutes and turn your list into future blog post titles.  
  7. Reach out to a brand you’d like to work with on your site.
  8. Start a draft list of your 2013 Blogging Goals.
  9. Check out the HLB Pinterest Boards.  
  10. Learn a little something new about photography.

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