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Klout Has Influence How About You
Renee of  Bendiful

It’s all about having Klout! If you are using social media for your blog or business a useful tool you may not be using is Klout. Klout is a program that measures your influence on topics and overall  effectiveness in social media. Klout defines influence as the ability to drive action. Having influence on the internet is important especially as you begin to grow your business and blog. Klout has taken a bad rap over the past year or so but I think the new score calculator and features have made this an excellent tool for growth.


Being able to connect and engage people in social media is the life blood of business.  Klout recently revamped their entire grading system and UI (for the non-nerds User Interface). It used to be true that Klout was more of a popularity contest.  Justin Bieber and Britney Spears had Klout scores of 100, the highest there is,  based on their large numbers of followers. Yet what many people (myself included) protested was this is a measurement of SOCIAL media. Just because you have 1,000,000+ followers does not mean you are social,  it means you’re popular there is a difference. I have rarely seen Britney or Biebs having conversations with their millions of  followers. Klout took note too that social media is about engagement / conversations not about followers and tweaked their scoring system to reflect just that.

Here is what you will need to know about Klout 2.0 as I’m going to call it.

This is the dashboard/score summary page which I have to tell you is one of my new favorite features! Here you will find your photo,  your linked accounts which can include twitter,Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress, Last.FM, and Flickr as well as your overall Klout score. I’m waiting for Pinterest to be added as a social media network.  I think that is missing right now. As you can tell I do not have a YouTube page (sad), blogger,  last.FM, or Flickr  account. Accounts you have linked will appear in color. You can add all of your accounts to Klout very simply by going to the settings page and adding them. The settings page is held in the drop down on the very top right of the screen where mine says RENEE.  You can also delete accounts  in this same area.


Your overall Klout score based on a number from 1-100 that represents an aggregation of all your social network activities. You can see my over all score is a 60 out of 100. The new dashboard gives you a better understanding of where this score comes from. You can see 62% of my score comes from twitter with about 30% coming from Facebook and the rest my smaller social networks and K+. Based on my stats it makes sense that twitter is important.  It is where I have the most amount of engagement and followers. If you have more engagement on YouTube you will see your score reflects.

Each score is based on criteria from each platform. For example:

On Twitter -Retweets, mentions, List and followers influence score with more “points” for engagement over audience.

On Facebook-Mentions, Likes, Comments. Wall Posts and Subscribers/Friends make up the score with more “points” for comments than likes.

Klout also gives you a list of topics it believes you are influential about. My topics include fitness and community management.  Your followers and those you  influence can give you K+ (s).  A K+ in a topic let’s Klout know that you are indeed influential on the topic. During my day job I often ask my twitter community for examples of specific developments and or case studies when I get responses I usually give out K+s.  I have always looked at K+s as little bits of thank yous to those who teach us something and add to our social media conversations.

The next time someone helps you or produces great content on your social media stream consider giving them a K+ as recognition!


Klout is also great for connecting and finding people who are influential about topics you are interested in. Sign up for an account,  find out your topics and you can digitally “meet” people who have influence in those areas. For example using my topics… looking for some new fitness accounts to follow on twitter? Click on the fitness topic to find others who have influence in those area.  Follow them and in no time you will see their network will open you up to even more people with this similar interests. You can see below if your blog/business is about fitness Fitness Magazine, HealthHabits and Men’s Fitness are some great folks to follow/friend.

This is a great tool to use for new bloggers! Use Klout topics as a way to network within your social networks and interests. Remember influence is built overtime so staying active and engaging is important.


Another new feature I like on Klout 2.0 the “your moments” page this gives you a news feed style list of your most influential moments. Again if you are building a blog or a business brand knowing what your social networks are responding and interacting with is important. The moments page gives you an easy glimpse of what people are enjoying.


I also really like the social interaction section of the dashboard. This page shows your interactions and the level of them on a scale of 1-5 (notice the green dots). Again this is a great way to measure engagement and what your community is enjoying from you and would most likely like to see again in the future! If a picture of your grandma’s apple pie was 5 dots,  maybe you should consider a blog post about the recipe and how to make it?


To read the rest of Renee’s post on Klout, including all about Klout Perks!, click here!


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