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Today’s post comes from Amanda of Run to the Finish.  Amanda was a part of Team HLB and also shared a kick-butt session on hosting virtual challenges at the Healthy Living Summit last month.  (You can read the recap of her session to learn about hosting your own virtual challenge here.)  She has a passion for running and knows how to celebrate our awesome community of healthy living bloggers with every ounce of her enthusiasm and kindness.  I’m happy to see she’s facing a hot topic face on, and am happy to share it with you today.


Bullies hide in plain site because they often look more like Mean Girls than the Simpsons characters…this makes them far more dangerous in my opinion. They don’t attack with fists, but little jabs that are often not said to the victim, but instead about them in front of a group or in secret creating a buzz that comes back.

Marcia posted awhile back about her youngest being the target of bullying and then she asked “have you ever been bullied?”  I had an immediate gut reaction to her post that brought back all the trauma of my own middle school experiences. I let it go at that time not wanting to open that wound, but recent posts have really angered because I feel like blogger bullying is on the rise and not from people who don’t blog, but from those within this great community we have collectively developed.

This weekend the bullies who can hide comfortably behind their computer screens emerged in mass with their posts and I’m sure what they believed were witty comments or a show of solidarity. First were comments about attendees at HLS and second was a post whose commenters took it upon themselves to berate someone for their appearance. (I am linking to neither because I don’t want to promote them.)

I’m sure these people don’t look in the mirror and say “I’m a bully”, but they are. Perez Hilton believed for years he was in the right…until he had to face people in person and start to see the effects that words have. If you are reading this thinking it couldn’t possibly apply to you because you simply “speak your opinion” let me be clear having an opinion about a topic is not the same as tearing someone down for belonging to a group, looking a certain way or simply because you choose not to like them without fully knowing who they are.


A Bully:


  • Berates someone for being outside the box they have created
  • Leaves snarky comments with an “anonymous” name because they’re too cowardly to face the fall out
  • Leaves snarky comments with their real name for things they would never say in person
  • Makes snarky comments in front of a group to embarrass someone – this also makes you an a**hole in case you are wondering.

Still confused or wonder if you might be passing on some bad habits then checkout The Bully Project.

To read the rest of Amanda’s post, click here to be taken to the original post in its entirety on Run to the Finish.


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