What to Pack for #HLS12

HLSLogo-browntextBlogging Gear

  • Computer
    -accessories [mouse/cords/charger/etc]

  • Camera
    -accessories [cords/memory

  • Blog business cards
    -note: you may want to bring some fine point sharpies, too!  They write better on
    some business cards!!

  • Materials for session note taking, inspired writing, and creative planning
    -post-it notes

Check out last year’s post on Summit Dress Code for planning help.

  • Cocktail Party Wear
  • Summit Session Wear
    – don’t forget a scarf/cardigan/sweater for cold conference rooms!
  • IMG_1777Workout Wear 
    workout clothing
    -running/gym shoes
    -cap/hair bands/head bands
    -gadgets [GPS/fitbit/HRM/IPod etc]
         -Read HLB’s Weekend Quick List to get
    an idea of how much and what kinds
    of gear you’ll need based on the fitness activities in which you plan to participate.
  • Exploring Around the City Wear
    -including comfortable to walk in shoes!
  • Lounging with your Roomies Wear
  • Jewelry
  • Glasses/Sunglass/Contact Lenses

& Don’t Forget Your…

  • Water Bottle
    -water filling stations will be available at the hotel

IMG01135-20110819-1439 GREAT IDEA ALERT: I caught Emily from Relishments in the act of brilliance in Philly at #HLS11. She put a label sticker on her water bottle including her name and twitter handle. If someone had the same bottle, she knew which was hers. And if she left her bottle behind in a session, someone could easily let her know they found it via twitter.  Such a great idea – I had to pas it on to you!

  • Cell Phone
    -accessories [charger/blue tooth/etc]
  • Money
    -checkbook/cash for splitting hotel bill with your Roomies
    -spending money for mini-mingles, dinners on the town, & playing tourist!
  • imageRain Gear
    -just in case!
  • Plane/Airport/Train Entertainment
  • Bathroom Essentials
    -shower gear
    -band aids, especially if you’re clumsy like me!
  • Extra Room for Swag
    -consider a checked bag option for possible liquids
    -extra empty bag that can be turned into checked bag/carryon


Recommended reading on packing and travel for #HLS12:


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