#HLS12 Flour Bakery Mini Mingle of Deliciousness

It’s Wednesday evening, time for a little math, don’t you think?
Noodle Story Problems! [and if you get that joke, I will love you forever.]

What do you get when you multiply two sweet ladies who love to blog, add a local treasure  award winning bakery, and multiply by one open invitation to #HLS12 attendees to join in on the deliciousness?

Well, I’ll tell you one thing – the title of this post your reading is probably a dead giveaway 😉


Clare of Fitting it All in and Chef Katelyn will be meeting in the hotel lobby at 1:15 PM on Friday afternoon to lead the group over to Flour Bakery and Cafe, about a 15-20 minute walk from the hotel.  Don’t forget comfortable shoes and some cash for eats & treats!  [Check out the Flour menu!]

If you’re thinking about joining Katelyn and Clare for their trip, we’d love if you would sign up on this Google Doc: Flour Bakery Mini Mingle HLS 2012. [<-UPDATED with the correct link. DOH!] You don’t have to sign up to attend, of course, but we’d like to have a rough head count of those of you planning to join in on this awesome group mingling & treat enjoying activity for planning purposes!

There you have it; another HLB Mini-Mingle for an extra dose of #HLS12 weekend fun.

[PS: We’ve still got two more awesome mini-mingles, another BONUS fitness event, and perhaps another major surprise or two up our sleeves.  We’re literally figuratively dying  to share these opportunities with you.  Stay tuned to HLB this week for details!]


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