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Healthy Living Summit 2012 just ended and we’re just a few weeks away from the Fitbloggin’ conference in Baltimore!   We asked our friend Lisa from Lisa’s Foods and Healthy Disney to share her blogging conference experience with us all today.  Here she shares about last years’ Healthy Living Summit in Philadelphia and relishes on the importance of setting blogging goals.

I love goal-setting. And lists.

While it’d be fun to go through everything that happened at HLS 2010, the main thing I left with after HLS? Goal-setting.

I love blogging, and after using different avenues to blog for nearly three years (has it really been that long?), I knew that it was finally time to get to a conference. Since Philadelphia is reasonably close by, and I was able to score a ticket the night they were offered, the third annual Healthy Living Summit in Philly was my conference of choice.

I’m so glad I went.

I met some incredible bloggers, and the energy among everyone was positive, upbeat yet relaxed, and supportive. The attendees ranged from professional blogger to month-old bloggers to readers, and there were lots of opportunities to network and chat, and to learn.

On my train ride home, I took out my notebook and scribbled away.

Blogging now has some new meaning to me; I came away with many goals for myself as a blogger, personally and professionally. And as someone who loves to makes lists and think in terms of numbers, I knew a goals list was in order. (With some fun photos from HLS 2011 too, of course.)



1. Remember this: Is it kind? Is it true? Is it necessary?

During a session called Rising Above Negativity, Brittany, Heather, Julie, and Courtney(pictured above) went over some of the potential negative downsides to blogging, and how to stay positive.

I loved this line that Heather said about when you’re blogging or commenting: “Is it kind? Is it true? Is it necessary?” While there are some unwelcomed trolls and negative commenters out there, the blogging community brings us a lot of goodness.

Is it bad to go for the swag? Okay, okay, the free stuff is cool, but I went to HLS for other reasons too.

2. Go to at least two more conferences in the next year.

I feel like I grew so much as a blogger this past weekend, and formed many new connections. I need to keep this up! Not only do I feel revived with my blogging efforts, but it’d be great to meet more people, and to be able to reconnect with HLS participants.

I’m already planning to go to the Foodbuzz Festival this November, and will keep Fitbloggin’ and Blogher on the radar too.

Me and the Wellsphere crew; they took some of us bloggers out for lunch to network and talk conferences.

3. It is possible to make money from blogging while still having integrity.

To read the rest of Lisa’s post, click here!


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