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Our pal and Team HLB member Amanda from Run to the Finish is here to share a little bit about the process of meeting people for the first time at Healthy Living Summit 2012!  We are pumped for Amanda’s session during HLS– she’s talking about hosting blog challenges and events, something she’s a seasoned pro at doing herself each month on her own blog.  Here she shares some conversation tips for when you’re making new blends in Boston next month.  We’d love to hear your own tips and tricks for meeting people in the comments section, too!  Let’s pool all our best ideas together to fight off the nerves!  -Heather


I’d ask if you remember your first day of kindergarten, but that might simply remind you how much older we are now…so instead have you seen kids at the playground recently? At first they might do their own thing and be a little timid, but within minutes they have started a conversation and found a new friend to chase, run, swing, play and laugh with for that moment in time.

Bloggers are a little like kids at the playground…but with the significant advantage of the Internet providing us tons of information before we ask them to play! We already know they are afraid of getting dirty so we can skip the sand pit and head straight for the slide.


Having now met bloggers at races across the country, for quick runs, at conferences and more I can say for a fact that while you may not become best friends, connecting is easy due to your shared interest. You have been reading their blog because you love running or want to improve your skills in the kitchen or knit baby booties from recycled twine. Whatever it may be that brought you together!

1. It’s ok to say “Hi I’m Amanda, RunToTheFinish”. People often know your blog name better than your real name due to Twitter, etc.

2. You will find people telling you stories that you’ve read on their website. Don’t cut them off unless it’s just getting horribly long, but you can say “Oh, I remember reading about that!”

3. If you have been reading someone’s blog for a long time you can skip the small talk and just ask about something you remember like…”Didn’t you just finish a big race?” or “Do you have a big move coming soon?”

4. If you haven’t ever read someone’s blog then you have TONS to talk about…what’s your topic? how long have you been blogging? All the questions you would love someone to ask you because remember the most interesting person in the room is whoever you are talking to…ask them questions!

Can’t wait to meet more of you at the Healthy Living Summit this year!


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