What I Didn’t Expect from HLS

We asked Heather from Running with Sass to share with us about her first HLS experience!  Heather is a member of Team HLB – the great group of ladies helping us to make this year’s summit the best one yet!  She’s what I call our “Fitness Diva” – spending time scheduling bonus fitness events and get-togethers happening for HLS attendees throughout the weekend!  Stay tuned for details of these group activities in the near future – some classes and sessions will have a sign up and may fill fast!

When I bought a ticket to last year’s Healthy Living Summit, I knew it would be fun, and that I would learn a thing or two. What I didn’t expect was all the awesomeness that came along with attending a blogging conference.


First of all, it was amazing to be around so many like-minded people. Some of my friends don’t “get’ my blogging and healthy living ways, and I have gotten some remarks over the years that I just smile about and shake off. At Healthy Living Summit, when it’s time to eat, everyone’s cameras come out to take photos of the food, and no one says a thing about it!


Also, I didn’t realize how many great people I would meet and lasting friendships I would form. I came home with a stack of business cards and a ton of new Twitter followers. Not only do you get closer to your roommates, but it’s the people you sit next to at lunch, share a cab with back to the airport, and mingle with at the cocktail party. You forever share a common bond and it’s great to meet your favorite bloggers in real life! Not to mention everyone was super nice!


Also, I think I was expecting the actual conference part to be more serious and stuffy. Boy was I wrong! Attendees wore yoga pants and everyone tweeted great quotes from speakers during their sessions. There were jokes, lots of laughing, and great questions were asked and answered. So many great conversations I never would have thought about took place, and I cam away with it with so many new ideas for my blog, my eating habits, and fitness plans and goals.


Also, you hear stories about the famous swag bags from these events, but they truly are legendary and live up to the hype! Keep in mind if you had just planned to carry on the plane like me, you may not be able to fit everything!


We also had enough free time to walk around Philly and take in some of the sites.  Bonus! Also, this year there attendees will have the ability to attend some fitness classes as well, or join an organized group run on Saturday morning. [more information on these activities is coming soon!]


Bottom line, Healthy Living Summit was SO MUCH MORE than I ever thought it could be. I had a blast and knew immediately I wanted to go back this year plus, hello Boston?!? Not to mention, I am so honored to be speaking at this year’s summit and can’t wait to make new friends and reconnect with some old ones. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity, it really is worth it. I hope to meet YOU in Boston!


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