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Today wraps up the last of our March theme, Welcoming a Healthy Spring.  This post is from Susan of susonia.


With the beginning of Spring today, it is the perfect time to remember that the summer months are not too far away. And summer means hikes, runs, swim sessions at the pool and playing Frisbee at the beach – at least it used to.

For the past 3 and a half years, I have been working hard at living a healthier life. I lost a significant amount of weight by starting to focus on eating whole, less processed foods, as well as incorporating exerciseinto my daily life. I fell in love with yoga and zumba, started walking more (although that was already part of my life without a car), and two years ago, I even committed to running my first 10k race – the Vancouver Sun Run, followed by another 10k.

I even kept up (modified) regular exercise until I was 9 months pregnant (lots of walking, swimming and yoga). When I had my baby boy last summer, things changed. A lot. Not only have I become a mommy and my son is my top #1 priority, but I am even more committed to being healthy for the sake of my family. The pregnancy weight was never an issue for me, because it came off fast (I didn’t gain too much to begin with), but my fitness level is a whole different story.

my little snuggle bug

I healed quickly from my c-section and was up on my feet in no time – when people tell new mommies to nap when baby naps, they mean it, but after a week in the hospital, all I wanted was to get out (and show off my little guy). :)

We’ve been going on daily walks since the little Mr. was born, and I took him to mom & baby yoga twice a week, since he has been 7 weeks old. But I was ready to run and dance, as well. I’ve been to the gym only a few times, and did some short runs, but in the past 6.5 months there hasn’t really been any exercise routineback in my life. At the same time we have been relying on lots of takeout, frozen foods, and delivery – taking care of baby leaves little time to wash, chop, peel and cook veggies, fruits and prepare healthy dinners – but this is something that I have already started to tackle this month by planning my meals and spending more time in my kitchen again.

Spicy Black Bean Soup

Exercise-wise, I’m running the Sun Run in 3.5 weeks. It’s a 10k and I’ve ran it before, but this year – although I’m at my lowest weight since about 8 years – I am so out of shape, it scares me. So here are some of  my health goals for the next few weeks (and after):

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