Grabbing Our Attention: Get Your Posts Shared Throughout the HLB Community

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We’re on a mission to share valuable content we find among our members.  It’s something I, personally, have been passionate about for a long time, and I am thankful that through HLB, I’m able to spend time searching for content and sharing that content.  Why do I think it’s so important?

Well, first off, as the administrator of a community of bloggers who act with health in mind, I feel it is part of my responsibility to the community.  A responsibility that I truly love to fulfill.

But mostly, we want to do so because we appreciate bloggers and the time and energy put into blogs.  As bloggers ourselves, we know what it feels like to be proud of the content we produce.  We also know what it feels like to get a spike in traffic, find out our posts have been pinned or stumbled, get an email from an old time reader, or a comment from a brand new one.


Add that understanding to my belief that sharing your posts worth sharing is so much more valuable to you than my little old comment that says “I agree!” or “great post!”  Because if I truly believe your blog is worth reading, I want to share that information with other people who may also find that information valuable.  We want to help be the bridge between what you create and what you take in.

How do we do this on Healthy Living Blogs?  A few different ways…


Pinterest. Boards where we share posts we find valuable discussing topics in both Healthy Living and Blogging & Social Media.  

Facebook Featured Posts – a suggestion from a few of our own members, who spoke up when we asked “What do you want here?” We’re starting to share stand-out posts covering topics in nutrition, fitness, wellness, social media, and blogging via our Facebook wall.  We encourage you to do the same! Come visit the HLB page to share which posts you’re loving this week, too.

Occasionally we come across a post so awesome we ask if you will share it directly on HLB. This most often happens with our Blog Tip Thursday posts, but we’ve been known to feature posts on other subjects in the past as well.  [by the by – if you have a post in your archives you think would be a perfect fit for a BTT post – send us the link!! ]



pinterest board_thumb[2]

What you can do to help get your great content out there:

1. Include a photo in your post. And not just because it makes the reading, often times, more enjoyable. We want to see a photo in your posts because we want to be able to PIN the post on Pinterest. [If you don’t know what I mean by this, check out this VERY INFORMATIVE BTT Post: Pinteresting.]  And without an image, it’s often impossible.

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve read through a post, thought it would be perfect for our Healthy Living board or our Blogging Tips and Tricks board but couldn’t add the post to the collection because there was no image to collect from the site.  Once, the only opinion for our pinning image was a FoodBuzz ad.


2. If you’re not someone to add images to every post, consider this:  Jen from Prior Fat Girl has a standing image at the end of each blog post.  Though many of her posts are other-image-free, having this standard image in the post allows her content to get pinned.


3. Speaking of Pinterest, recently I was taking a look at the number of time our original pins [that is, links we pinned directly from the website, not “repined” from the Pinterest site] had been “liked” or “repined.”  Because Pinterest is a very visual/image driven social media site,  the posts we pinned that had the farthest reach, were images which the blogger had edited with words over the image – describing what the post was about.  One person who is an ALL STAR at getting that job done, is our friend Tina Reale.


The truth is, not every person on Pinterest is a blogger, obviously – and the idea that I take the time to pin articles could be thought of as silly to a lot of people.  Not everyone reads the captions on the Pins, where I usually include the name of the post and or a short description of what it covers.  When you take time to WRITE IT OUT on a pinnable image, your reach goes farther. 





4. let’s talk Mindcasting vs Lifecasting. Lost? Read this post.  Typically, the information worth sharing to the community is MINDCASTING, right?  As Rachel puts it at HollaBackHealth – “Mindcasting is sharing ideas. For us, it might be recipes, articles, links, or really just any commentary. I also think of mindcasting as instruction or information; an entire post on, say, fiber, or horseback riding.”

A Mindcast post can often also be labeled as educational.  If you post teaches SOMETHING, it is probably on the “share-worthy” list.


5. So what’s the best way to catch our attention with a high-quality mindcasting post worth sharing?  It’s all in the TITLE. With over 1500 member sites we browse through, we don’t always catch that your post is worthy to be shared if it’s buried in the deep.

If you have a recipe for Healthy Creamy Spinach Dip – tell us in the title of your post.   If your post includes a list of suggestions of office work-out breaks – tell us in the title.  We are much more likely to notice your post has valuable information if you tell us in bold letters, right at the top.



6. Don’t be afraid to tweet AT US – but consider best practices.

Tweet at @bloghealthy with a link to a valuable post when the link fits these qualifications
A) the link does not go to your site, but to another site you read, enjoy, support, and learn from B) it’s not a link you found via, well, US.
c) You include a brief description in the tweet, telling us what we’re looking at
because I, personally, will not touch a link from any source – trusted or not – that I am not 99% sure isn’t going to give my computer some sort of tech-flu. Ya, know?


7. When you are starting a challenge or hosting an event or fundraiser, we REALLY want to know about it. The posts you write to introduce a no-junk food challenge, promoting a race recap round up, explaining why you’re planning a blogger bake sale, or creating a blogger book club are the posts we want YOU to tell us about.

These posts are ultra-valuable to our community as well – but more because of the COMMUNITY, and less because of a mindcasting, teaching, content-driven post worth sharing.  We want to share the things you are doing with your blog, readers, and blends on our Monday Announcements posts to help encourage participation in all the different things going on, on all the various HLBs we’ve got out there.

Simply write us an email, with “Monday Announcement” in the subject line. [] Write exactly what you’d like to appear in the announcements list, including links, in the email.  Attach a photo if you’d like.  Send it our way. Easy Peezy.

There you have it!  Have a post you’d like us to see? leave a link to your most valuable post in the comments section for us to read!


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